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sprint lg marquee on boost no 3g can't updateSupport

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  1. daone3238

    daone3238 Member

    i have a sprint lg marquee flashed to boost. ha and aaa secret have been written but i can't update my profile . each time i try it disconnects my internet. everything seems to be working find. it show 1x aslong as i dont try and update . i looked at my phones status and it says i'm on sprint network . this is driving me crazy. all my settings seem to be right except for it showing that its on sprint's network. this is so wierd. everything works but i do get 3g in some areas for like a sec then back down to 1x. every now and then i get an error code 67 and it asks me to update . but as i said if i try and update the network shuts off. help plzzzzz and thank you

  2. The~Skater~187

    The~Skater~187 Well-Known Member

    I believe you have to switch the apn.cfg from the sprint one to the body one. I could be wrong though
  3. daone3238

    daone3238 Member

    and how do i do that
  4. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Holy freakin moly! I was looking at the dates for these posts and you sure took awhile to get back with TheSkater didn't you? lmao :vamp:
  5. daone3238

    daone3238 Member

    been working a lot. so how do I switch the apn.cfg

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