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[Sprint] low record.volume (Solved)

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  1. songofmusic

    songofmusic Member

    I have an sph-L720. I have on Mahdi 2.7 Rom. I am having extremely low recording levels whenever I use an app like voice recorder or the camcorder. I also had this problem with other ROMS so it doesn't seem to be a ROM issue. I don't know whether the issue was present when I was on stock android. Has anyone experienced this? It's like the mic just doesn't have any sensitivity at all. So annoying!

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  2. DaisFlaque

    DaisFlaque Well-Known Member

    I don't know about you rom in particular.. but most roms have an option for 'extra gain in mic' and it seems to amplify the mics reception.
  3. songofmusic

    songofmusic Member

    Thanks for responding to this post. I actually found that I had to go into the settings of my sound recorder app and selected a different file type for the recording clips to be saved as. I can't remember what it was set to save them as, but I changed it over to wave file and that corrected it
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