Sprint, Metro PCS merger

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    MetroPCS announces Dyle Mobile TV service, meets smartphone with live television

    While the nation's biggest carriers are bragging with their super fast wireless broadband networks and wide selections of hot, shiny smartphones, MetroPCS will be luring new customers and keeping existing ones with a neat feature that is about to go live later this year. The carrier just announced its partnership with the Mobile Content Venture in offering live broadcast television to its subscribers.

    The service will be known as Dyle Mobile TV and will be accessible via a dedicated Dyle application. Not all devices will have access to it, however, as the content will be broadcast using the ATSC-Mobile standard. Samsung will be the manufacturer that will deliver the first Dyle-enabled smartphone, and even though we don't know much details about the actual device itself, the carrier is reassuring us that it will be a “premium” Android handset.

    As far as content is concerned, the names of 15 major broadcast groups are being mentioned, including Pearl LLC, FOX, ION Television, Bahakel, Univision, Telemundo and NBC. Once the service goes live, it is expected to blanket 32 markets throughout the country covering about half of the nation's population. The first Samsung smartphones with Dyle will be launched later in 2012 and will be available in:

    • Atlanta, Georgia
    • Boston, Massachusetts
    • Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
    • Detroit, Michigan
    • Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento, California
    • New York City, New York
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    MetroPCS will demonstrate the Dyle Mobile TV service at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, so in case if you are interested, make sure you keep track of our CES 2012 coverage.

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    you CANNOT believe everything you read on the internet ESPECIALLY FACEBOOK!!!
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    especially when it's from MetroPCS. ;)
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    Sorry chazmatt this is false information not matter how its written, what article/blog/fb site, etc. The CEO even sent an email confirming this is false and its because metro is making a huge growth gain and business gain in the cell provider war. Other companies know that. The bogest dogs are Att and Verizon. Metros passed T-Mobile and creeping on sprint lol.

    Like pg said. Don't believe everything you read online. (Hell I could say I'm buying out att and renaming it, overpricedshitsignal company. I design websites and can make it even look like a legit news article site and many people would believe it, sad but true. Haha..

    And if you check stock all well known stock sites have each of the business' legit news posted under each company. Check etrade, fidelity.

    Trust me. If this was legit it would have been as big as the att/T-Mobile deal. It would have made headline news... It didn't.
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    so many big time sources are claiming this to be true. it can't be 'just rumors' -- PC Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Engadget, Bloomberg... the list goes on

    i am a small fish in a very large corporation. upper level management and executive officer decisions are sometimes kept away from store-level managers

    edit: Routers is claiming it too. too many legit journalistic sources are confirming it -- if it wasn't true they'd be jeopardizing their careers
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    Not so sure this is good or bad news...although it's safe to leave well enough alone.

    Sprint is obviously horrible, and guilty of thievery of its customers since the 90's.
    But now with Google in the picture, could've turned out to be the best situation for us.
    Assuming that Sprint would convert to lte... we'd get the newest & latest, which even in worst case-- (metro kept separate) the new models officially only released for the postpaid side-- they could be modded for prepaid use.

    And of all the possible buyers, Sprint's likely the best / only chance to avoid data limiting / throttling.
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    So you saying metro is the 4th largest wireless carrier in America?? Where can i read this
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    metro is pretty awesome except for costumer service and like all companies. they must have soimething that isnt so great. metro/ comcast cable = costumer service. att/ dish/ verizon= high prices =]. tmobile= service
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    My opinion is maybe the info was flipped down the line somewhere because why would metro go in great deal of advertising and etc. and roll out the everybody is moving to metro.

    But some blogs or wherever your reading do talk off rumors.
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    The Wall Street Journal is not a "blog". :p

    MetroPCS is who approached Sprint, and BEGGED to be bought. CEO Linquist was personally involved on the highest levels.

    Sprint's Woes Weighed on Deal - WSJ.com

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    my two cents this story is true 100%
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    I would agree.
    And there are way more incentives, potential benefits in denying rather than confirming...there's almost zilch upside but 'potentially' plenty of negative repercussions in confirming.
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    Wow. February? How many pages back was this? Lol
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    Yeah, it's a blatant "I told you so". :p

    This guy supposedly works for Metro corporate but denied the whole Sprint merger attempt -- said it was a figment of the media's imagination, even though Sprint board members officially voted on it. (and rejected Metro) :rolleyes:

    He said Metro would never sell out, that Liar Linquist said so. (CEO Roger Linquist who never keeps any of his promises).

    It's one thing to be afraid your job is going away if Metro is sold, but another to just say it's all a lie. I mean, it's easily proven facts, and even when I proved it he still would't believe it.

    So, believe it now? HA!;)

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