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Sprint Moto X BootloaderGeneral

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  1. JayTeeDee

    JayTeeDee Member

  2. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    If the phone was made in 2014, maybe. This is your only chance: China Middleman Back?? - xda-developers

    I'm not sure if that method is still available.

    Moto will only give unlock codes for developer edition phones. And unlocking the BL any other way (including the method in the link) voids the warranty most definitely. Relocking the BL will not get the warranty back.
  3. JayTeeDee

    JayTeeDee Member

    Well i just successfully unlocked my bootloader. I screwed up, i looked at the unlock data code that i marked and copied from my moto x in cmd and it had a few spaces in the line on numbers and stuff so i removed the spaces and it allowed me to get the unique unlock code from motorola's site to unlock the bootloader and i entered it in fastboot mode and it successfully unlocked the bootloader. but thanks for the info doogald it might help one of my friends out with there Motorola Phone.

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