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[Sprint] Need help with Camera!!!

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  1. bigfootdood

    bigfootdood New Member

    Hey im new to the forum and forums in general so pardon if i put this in the wrong place or something.

    I rooted my note 2 sph-l900 when i first bought it and its been working fine up until recently. I decided to install a custom rom because touchwiz was getting a little clunky with the amount of apps that were running. Long story short i tried rootbox and now my camera wont work correctly in any application except the normal camera app. Ive also tried cm10, aokp, and now im running the tw miui (which i love because of the s-pen support) but unfortunately the camera is still buggy. I assume my problems are because the firmware of the camera is incorrect (read that somewhere else about another phone) but I dont know what im talking about:D.

    The problems include
    -Snapchat video doesn't work (must have for a teenage boy like myself)
    -vine camera doesn't work
    -instagram camera doesn't work
    -most camera apps don't work at all

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!:confused:

  2. ianmb

    ianmb Member

    Go back to a TW based ROM.
  3. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    Did you try using the Plasma kernel? Although I hadn't tried every app and camera, I don't believe I had any problems with the camera at all
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  4. bigfootdood

    bigfootdood New Member

    Will try thanks!
  5. bigfootdood

    bigfootdood New Member

    Ok ive now switched roms with no success. I really want to find out how to use my snapchat camera with custom roms but none of them work besides tw based ones

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