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[Sprint] New to rooting

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  1. noobdroider

    noobdroider New Member

    Hello, I'm new to rooting I've read a few things and I think I understand it, my question is how do I back up my app data before I unlock the boot loader. I understand to root you must unlock the boot loader first. Also that doing so wipes all data. I've found some apps that let you, but you have to be rooted.

    I would appreciate if you could tell me how to recover it as well

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    App Backup and Restore to back up the apps (which you should do every time you install a new app and decide that you're keeping it) and Helium (which will run without root - the instructions are in the app) to back up the data. Depending on the launcher you're running, you may be able to back up the launcher setup too.

    Pictures, videos, music and other data (like wallpapers) should also be backed up, but you can do that with the computer you're backing them up on, or a file manager running on the phone.

    Old computer rule - any file not backed up onto at least 2 independent destinations (which can be cloud accounts) is a file you don't need. Your phone could be stolen, fall into a sewer or be stepped on or driven over at any time. Insurance can get you a new phone but it can't get your data back.
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  3. Bodhi Brock

    Bodhi Brock VIP Member VIP Member

    Dropbox, Google Drive, HTC Backup/Restore...these are all decent ways to backup data. Once rooted, Titanium Backup is your best option, including NANdroid backup.
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  4. jblaze10

    jblaze10 New Member

    I like to copy and paste my contents to a file on my desktop of laptop. Then I put important stuff to a portable storage drive. Works for me!!
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