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Sprint Note 2 at Wirefly?General

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  1. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member

    For a few days up until yesterday the Note 2 for Sprint had a "Coming Soon" page at the Wirefly site. Now it looks like the page has been removed from the site.

    I called their 800 number and talked to a girl but couldn't get anywhere with her, and I asked why the page was there and now seems to have been taken down. I thought maybe one of two things happened.

    1.) They're not going to be carrying the Note 2 anymore, or anytime soon.

    2.) They've got the shipment of devices in and are preparing a sales page for it.

    Has someone noticed something like this before at Wirefly with a different device?

    If it's not going to be sold at Wirefly I'll probably just get it from Sprint if I can get them to waive the "Upgrade Fee". Going through Best Buy discounts are available, but the $36 fee isn't avoidable so the price would be about the same as getting it through Sprint. The only other website I know of is Amazon. Amazon has a much better price on the Galaxy S3, but it took them awhile after the launch date to offer the device at that price.

    Let me know what you think, thanks!

  2. tehsu

    tehsu New Member

    i cant post the link but search wirefly sprint galaxy note ii on google and the first link will show you coming soon
  3. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member

  4. PackersFan310

    PackersFan310 New Member

    I also noticed the "Coming Soon" page a few days ago when you would search for the device on their site and now it is gone. I called the 800 number to check availability this past Thursday when the phone was realeased, and the Rep I spoke to put me on hold for a few minutes to try and find out for me, then came back and said that they would have it available in about a week. So I am hoping they are just preparing the sales page as mentioned on this thread and they will have it sometime this week. I guess we just have to wait and see?
  5. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member

    Cool, thanks for the information! Would there be California tax applied to the sale when going through Wirefly?

    I'm getting an upgrade, not a new line....my corporate discount shouldn't be affected by Wirefly right?

    Also, is it possible to waive the "Upgrade Fee" when going that route?
  6. PackersFan310

    PackersFan310 New Member

    I have no idea, thats something you would have to check with WireFly. I would send them an email, they reply pretty quick. I sent them an email earlier this morning asking about availability once again and they replied within 2 hours. Here is what they said. I think I will just be ordering it direct from Sprint.

    "Thank you for choosing the sales department sorry but we do not know when we will be carrying the note 2 for sprint

    thanks again Antoinette"
  7. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I did email them with all those questions and I asked again if they had an approximate date on Sprint Note 2 stock.

    I do want, and need, a new phone because the Epic that I have right now periodically reboots due to low RAM, but I also want to save money on this expensive piece, and Wirefly has lower prices...the Galaxy S3 is $100 cheaper for example.

    Edit: I spoke to a Wirefly rep on the phone about California taxes, and Wirefly is the only place I know of that doesn't charge CA tax. Since buying through Sprint the tax would be on the non-discounted phone price, not the upgrade price, it wouldn't be worth it to me to get it through Sprint.

    I also wasted a bunch of time at the local Sprint store, but I guess it worked out in the end since I'll get a better deal through Wirefly. I called them twice to make sure they had grey Note 2s in stock and both reps said they did. When I got there the saleswoman said, "We only have the white ones." I often wonder if ANY corporate employees have brains.

    Another weird thing this rep mentioned is that buying insurance was mandatory because the phone was so expensive. As far as I know that's bullshit and they can't force that on a customer, right?
  8. PackersFan310

    PackersFan310 New Member

    Yea, as far as I know, insurance is always optional and not mandatory.

    I'm curious to know what WireFly told you on availability of the Note 2? Did they also tell you they did not know when they would have it?

    I hope they have it soon, because I also do not want to pay CA tax. Earlier today I went through the checkout process on Best Buy's website just to see what the total would come out to, and they are only charging $33.35 for sales tax, so I am considering going through them but would still like to get it from WireFly instead because of their discounted prices.
  9. slipmagt

    slipmagt Well-Known Member

    What sort of discount do they typically offer on upgrades? Ive seen mention of them and Im not looking to pay AT&T $300 for the phone.
  10. Jsucool76

    Jsucool76 Well-Known Member

    Wirefly is a sketchy website. You not only sign a new contract with your carrier (in this case sprint) but you also sign a contract with them. Some of the terms are things like, if your bill is late, you must pay the full unsubsidized price of the phone (which is something like $650) (and the bill only needs to be like 1 day late). You can't switch which line the phone is on, things like that. I purchased a BB Bold 9700 through wirefly a few years back, and immediately cancelled when I actually went through and READ their T&Cs
  11. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member

    I'm going to complain to Sprint about that store and see if they'll give me a credit for wasting my time.

    Wirefly didn't tell me anything, and I also got a response saying they didn't know what price they'd offer it at.

    I got my Epic through Wirefly and haven't had a problem. One of my credit cards is scheduled to autopay the bill the day before it's due or something, so I shouldn't have any problems. After the first 6 months you're out of the Wirefly contract from what I understand, so I may still do it unless there's something really problematic with Wirefly.

    Best Buy is the other option, but I don't want to pay ANY taxes to the government.
  12. Jsucool76

    Jsucool76 Well-Known Member

    I would still check out bestbuy and (I wrote this in another thread, I know) but look for someone wearing a sprint shirt as opposed to a best buy mobile shirt. These people work for actual sprint, and can sometimes hook you up with good deals. Not money off of the actual product (since it is the property of best buy) but they can credit your bill for certain things if you treat them nicely, and ask nicely :D I had one from AT&T credit our account for QUITE a lot because they quoted us the wrong price.
  13. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that tip. I'm tired of dealing with reps though ;P Are the reps you mentioned at both Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile locations? I guess I could call the Best Buy stores and ask them if Sprint reps work in the store.

    I saw this post on the Wirefly Facebook page: "Wirefly Hi Chad,
    The Sprint Galaxy Note II will be available around the middle of November. We are not planning on doing a pre-order for it.
    -Scott at Wirefly"

    I KNEW that damn rep that emailed me wasn't being forthcoming!
  14. Jsucool76

    Jsucool76 Well-Known Member

    They aren't there all the time, I think the carriers send them there every so often just to check up on things, but with a new device like this coming out you might get lucky :D

    I would assume they would be at both :p The best buy mobile stores (since that is basically what they do) :p and at the best buy mobile spot inside the big store (This is where I saw my AT&T rep)
  15. Wirefly

    Wirefly Well-Known Member

    Thanks, everyone, for your interest in Wirefly! We're as excited as you are about the Galaxy Note II, it's a great phone with some amazing features, not to mention its huge 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED touchscreen. Sorry you couldn't view the "coming soon" page, not sure what the problem might have been - the page is still up and located here: http://www.wirefly.com/product/sprint/samsung/galaxy-note-ii. Wirefly will be selling the Note II beginning on Sunday, November 11th
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  16. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply. Will the product be available in both grey and white?
  17. Wirefly

    Wirefly Well-Known Member

    I'm looking into that now and will let you know.
  18. Wirefly

    Wirefly Well-Known Member

    I have confirmed that we will be offering the phone in both Grey and White. Let me know if there is anything else that I can answer for you!
  19. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member

    Thanks, also what are your hours of operation?

    One rep said Wirefly Sales is open 8AM ET- Midnight ET; 7 days a week. Another rep said Wirefly Sales is not open on Sunday.
  20. Wirefly

    Wirefly Well-Known Member

    I have double checked with our Sales Managers and the hours for our sales team are as follows:

    8am - 2am Eastern Time, M-Sa
    8am - Midnight Eastern Time, Su

    Correction - we are OPEN sunday. sorry about that....our manager gave me the wrong info...and resent me the new info....

    Let me know if there is anything else that I can do to be of assistance to you!
  21. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member

    Thanks, since it'll be in stock Sunday will it be possible to place an order online? If so, what time can I do that?
  22. Wirefly

    Wirefly Well-Known Member

    Usually when we launch a phone it goes live around 3am Eastern Time, so I would say anytime after that if you want to place an order online with us.
  23. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member


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