[Sprint] Profile and PRL?? Does it "stay" after flashing nand??

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    May 21, 2010
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    Hi Everyone...

    I have my ONE rooted running a ViperOne ROM. I also have a HTC LTE on Sprint and my data and phone connectivity has been crappy for a few days. I was thinking to update profile and/or PRL for both phones.

    I have had a problem updating the profile and prl on my ONE getting a failure/could not connect errors. I have been able to update the profile if I revert to a "stock rooted" nand pre-ViperOne ROM. I then flash the most recent recovery I have back to my current ViperOne state.

    QUESTION: do any profile or prl updates that I do when I flash back to "stock rooted" PERSIST when I flash back to my current ROM and information?? Or are my profile and prl information with the network saved with the ROM and revert to the most recent version??

    Forgive me if the answer is a roll-your-eyes to some but I just didn't know what exactly changed with my profile and prl updates in the past and whether the updates it "stuck" after flashing a nand. I wanted to try to update them because that seems to have helped me obtain better connectivity in the past.

    Thank you!


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    Jan 16, 2012
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    Settings > Phone Info > Update PRL or you could dial ##UPDATE# (##873283#). (That will give you the latest Sprint PRL. People have installed Verizon PRLs in phones to improve service, but that's usually considered excessive roaming and can get your account [with Sprint] closed.)
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    Jul 25, 2010
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    Im certainly not an expert with prl and things relating to cdma devices,but I did have a EVO LTE I flashed to vzw prepay,and the prl I installed stayed thru rom flashes.
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