[Sprint] recent update-now no volume when placing calls

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  1. redstepchild

    redstepchild Active Member

    yep.. rooted and I installed some update from Sprint, now when I call out, I cant hear anything, nor can anyone hear me.

    Also, when my phone sits for long time, such as overnight, it will show a circle thats crossed through (no data), even though im in an area that getdata

  2. redstepchild

    redstepchild Active Member

    now my keyboard wants to act Cray Cray..(see get data above. typed those 2 word for 5 min.
  3. sonicbluemustang

    sonicbluemustang Well-Known Member

    Are you on MDL?
    When last time you rebooted?
  4. jzebrahockey

    jzebrahockey Well-Known Member

    If you reboot and it doesn't work try a factory reset. If that doesn't work try flashing the latest MDL update onto your phone. Look through here for the .zip file to flash and instructions. Good luck.

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