[Sprint] [ROM][4.2 AOSP] Pure 4.2 AOSP Radio Working Win!

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  1. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Well-Known Member

    Not my work, this is from bigrushdog on XDA

    PLEASE be aware that flashing a 4.2 rom will change the location of stuff stored on the GNex "sd card" so if you go to restore from TWRP, TWRP cannot see the backups you have on your phone since it's looking at a different directory than where your backups are stored. I'm sure this will be fixed shortly, but please be aware of this prior to flashing. If the story changes, I will update this post.

    UPDATE TWRP has been updated and this now appears to be a non-issue, but I haven't actually tried it yet. Use GooManager to install the latest TWRP.

    All of this is from: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1994221


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  2. metalbiker

    metalbiker Well-Known Member

    wouldnt flash for me maybe others will have luck, but its fine im content with 4.1.2 w/ 4.2 gapps
  3. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't flash? Did it give you an error? Could have been a bad download.
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  4. Zeinzu

    Zeinzu Well-Known Member

    There's a newer final version.
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  5. metalbiker

    metalbiker Well-Known Member

    actually seen noting but bad reviews for 4.2 as of today but word on the wire is cm10's newest nightly is based off 4.2 so im sure by next week we will all have problems fixed thanks to the hard work devs. dedicate.
  6. Zeinzu

    Zeinzu Well-Known Member

    4.2 is great. Don't believe the naysayers.
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  7. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Well-Known Member

    Huh, I've been hesitant to try because of the mixed reviews. I have been thinking about giving it a shot, but I like having some customization options and I don't think there is a set of inverted gapps that works yet with 4.2....so I'm likely going to stay on 4.1.2 until all that happens.

    Where did you see that about CM? I think it's weird that we didn't get a "stable" build of 10.0 but the other GNex versions did. Not that it really matters because I've never had any issues, just doesn't make a lot of sense.
  8. slyd

    slyd Well-Known Member

    I have 4.2 on my Nexus7. The clock looks like a kindergartner designed it as does the quick settings icons not to mention the icons don't toggle. The lockscreen widgets are a mess. And the multiuser options are playing havack with storage management. Fun to play with on my tablet but I'm not putting it in my phone yet. The good: the keyboard (LOVEit) and the camera but go get the gapps. I also have some lag and screen flicker that I didn't have before. I factory reset to make sure that was not causing issues. Meh at least for me.
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  9. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Well-Known Member

    Blah. Well now I know I won't bother with it.
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  10. NaterTots

    NaterTots Well-Known Member

    Same here. I plan to wait until most of the options are ported over to the 4.2 base.
    To bad they didn't do the notification toggles as well as the development community.
  11. metalbiker

    metalbiker Well-Known Member

    yeah rumored paranoid android 4.2 and cm10 nightly 4.2 is on the way... so ill be updating then prolly to keep up with the rest of the world lol

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