[Sprint] root access issues gs4

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  1. fighterJay

    fighterJay New Member

    So, I have a sprint galaxy s4 (SPH-L720)

    I went through odin v.3 the (COM) spot was lite blue not yellow idk if that matters but it passed and installed cwm custom recovery just like it should, I then installed superuser.zip onto my .sd card and went into custom recover and installed superuser file. the only thing wrong I sawe there is that it failed to verify the signatures? but other than that it said successful/pass all that good stuff and when I turned my phone on and checked the root status it says no root access and superuser not found!!!
    Now this is not the first time ive rooted a phone, im no expert by any means but I have successfully rooted and flashed roms to many gs4's with the same computer/odin version/root files... anybody have any tips or ideas advice anything would help really... I need to get free hotspot going for a trip im going on in my rv and want to bring my xbox along to play online. also I do apologize if I posted in the wrong spot or did something else wrong im completely new to forums besides reading them..


  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Hello there fighterJay!!

    I moved your thread to the root forum as others can help out!!
    I'm sure you will get good advice here;)
    No need to apologize...we gotcha covered :)
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  3. jejb

    jejb Well-Known Member

    Search up Chainfire Auto Root. That's the easy way to root the S4!!!

    BIGSAMDA1ST Member

    Don't know if you resolved your issue or not but if you didn't ,you can just go to the play store and download Super User from there then run it, it should give you root privileges assuming everything else is fine. And this link here will give you a working hotspot mod for MK2.


    Edit : Scroll to post #337
  5. dlongnasty

    dlongnasty New Member

    i am also having the same issue and have done everything and it still says no binary. my knox counter is tripped 0x1 so i might as well finish what i started but i cant gain root

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