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[Sprint] [Rooted] Issues with icons stacking on top of each other

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  1. Recoil1

    Recoil1 Well-Known Member


    I just rooted my phone and the same problem happened again. You notice that the AA credit is put right on top of ez pdf reader and that chrome to phone is right on top of recargo icon. I can move each one off the top and either put them somewhere else on the screen or just remove them one by one. I will turn off the auto icons and hopefully this will again be done.

  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    You said you were stock,but,apparently,you're running a ROM.As no one else has reported this issue,I'd say that's where the problem lies.

    If so,I'd imagine you inquiries should be directed to the developer,or,am I missing something?
  3. Recoil1

    Recoil1 Well-Known Member

    I was stock until yesterday and I had the same problem long before rooting. It looks like when the HTC dev unlock wiped the phone it put it back into its original state and when I went to re-download my apps they started stacking on top of themselves just like when I was not rooted or running a custom rom. I took the pic before I turned off the "auto add widget".

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