[Sprint] [Rooted] stock Sprint rom--having issues

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  1. Jay227

    Jay227 New Member

    I have the Sprint HTC One, rooted, stock ROM. A few days ago I flashed the ViperBoy rom for my phone and since then my phone keeps doing weird things. I restored to stock rom but it keeps happening. At first it was getting locked in landscape mode and wouldn't flip to portrait no matter what I tried, turned of rotation and it still didn't work, then the Car dashboard app kept turning on and going back to the home screen repeatedly, lastly and most annoyingly whenever I connect a usb, whether its to an ac outlet, car outlet, or computer, it will charge for a few minutes then stop and say that the usb host cable is plugged in unable to charge the device, I don't have any idea what a host cable is or why it keeps popping up. Is anybody able to help, many thanks in advanced.

  2. hydro79

    hydro79 Member

    Interesting. Exact same problem here.

    I've been having the Landscape issue for the last three months maybe twice a month. I just gets locked in landscape. I'm rooted on a mostly stock rom (OMJ's v1.8) but this happens on every rom I've tried. Only way to solve issue is to restart. Sometimes I have to restart a few times for it to go back to normal.

    I also had the car dashboard come up randomly but only once.

    Today I started having the USB issue, which led me to this thread. I can't charge my phone and get the message "host cable is plugged in unable to charge..." but the difference is that I get the message right away and only when connecting to a computer. When I connect to the AC oulet I get no response from the phone. Does not charge and I get no error message

    Very odd both our problems are almost exactly the same. At first I though it was a hardware issue but now I'm not sure after seeing your post Jay....
  3. hydro79

    hydro79 Member

  4. stiltbat

    stiltbat New Member

    The original poster of this thread described my situation exactly. I did see some improvement for a few days when I uninstalled my launcher "action launcher" I switched to another one and had a few good days. Now it's back to the same quirks. Right at this moment it's charging fine. But five minutes from now it could stop accessing the charger or flip horizontal permanently or turn back to the driving app or the original launcher. HTC ONE.
  5. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

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  6. hydro79

    hydro79 Member

    I tried different ROMs and updated firmware with no luck. I haven't tried the RUU after the first time I did it a while back but wouldn't the ROMs and firmware cover everything on the RUU excep for hboot?
  7. hydro79

    hydro79 Member

    I just realized that is exactly the RUU I used (same link) and then changed ROM to OMJ's Sprint One ROM a while back right after I rooted.
  8. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    not neccessarily. the ruu contains several other bits of software and firmware.

    a rom is only system and boot.

    firmware files from an OTA package only contain firmware that is different,and thus can be very incomplete.

    home made firmware files(for s off flashers) depend on whomever made them. they may have all firmware,they may just hve bits,dep on what the maker deemed important.

    -if your s off,id defintely recomend running the ruu and see if your issues disapear.

    -if your s on,id flash a stock rom or restore a stock backup,and reinstall your matching stock recovery. then select factory reset from hboot.

    if your prollems persist after doing either of those things, you prolly have hardware issues

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