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  1. Rocket Music

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    So I bought this phone last week. I unlocked the bootloader and rooted it in the morning. I'm having issues now. I flashed viperone and then decided to go stock from my nandroid. It went on a bootloop. The other issue is that when I go to twrp and go to adb my computer does not recognize it? I'm in panic mode right now. Do you guys think that I can return it to best buy if I flash the stock recovery through fastboot and reclock the bootloader? Please help me out

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    did you have to install a newer recovery in order to flash your rom? you might need to go back to whatever version you made the backup with.

    make sure you wipe data/factory reset prior to the restore

    adb issues are often solved with a simple reboot,plug/unplug or switch ports. of course,if you are running windows 8 or higher and/or usb 3.0,your situation may be more involved than that.

    here are some ohter basic troubleshooting steps if youre on 7 or older and usb 2.0:
    troubleshooting connectivity issues:
    *make sure you have changed to your adb/fastboot directory!
    *make sure usb debugging is enabled(checkmarked) to use adb in the OS
    -try a reboot of the PC
    -try different usb cables and ports
    -dont use a usb hub
    -dont use usb 3.0
    -make sure nothing capable of comunicating with the phone is enabled and running. htc sync,pdanet,easy tether,and even itunes have all been known to cause issues.
    -windows 8 has been known to have issues. try a windows 7 or older machine

    failing the above,
    -i use these drivers for fastboot and adb(donwload and run as admin): http://downloads.unrevoked.com/HTCDriver3.0.0.007.exe (mirror)

    failing that,try manually updating the drivers in the following manner:
    -put the phone in fastboot mode(select fastboot from the hboot menu)
    -open device manager on the PC
    -plug in phone,watch for it to pop up in device manager.
    -update drivers with device manager,pointing the wizard to the extracted
    driver download folder from above

    note that you can check the connectivity of the phone,and make sure drivers are working by in the following manner:
    -open cmd window. change to directory containing adb/fastboot utilities

    -adb with the phone in the booted OS,usb debug enabled,enter:
    adb devices in a cmd window

    -fastboot with phone in fastboot(not hboot!),enter:
    fastboot devices in cmd window

    in either case,a properly connected phone with working drivers installed should report back the phones serial number.

    this thread has a fair amount of good advice on getting a rom to your phone that i cant duplicate here,at the moment(got to leave for work)

    if you cannot get a rom flashed,or backup made,its possible to run an ruu if you havent updated to 4.4

    if youre unsure,you can do this and provide us the output(xxx out imie,meid,esn):
    first download and install these drivers: revolutionary drivers (mirror)

    then,download this small file:

    -unzip it,and place the unzipped folder onto the root of your C drive(not inside a folder)

    -open a cmd window(with win 7,click start bubble,type "command" or "cmd" in hte search box)

    -now change to your mini-adb directory(assuming you didnt chagne the name). type in the black cmd window that opened on your PC:
    cd c:\mini-adb

    -pull the battery in your phone for a few seconds. hold volume down,then power. hold them both until you see the white/colored writing hboot screen

    -select "fastboot" from the hboot menu with the vol rocker/power button

    -in your cmd window type:
    fastboot devices

    it should output your phones serial number. if so youre good to go. if not,youre apparently having a driver issue. i usually recomend these drivers from Revolutionary: modified htc drivers download and install the drivers(you should just have to run that file). afterwards,unplug your phone,plug it back in. make sure its in fastboot. as soon as you get a result from "fastboot devices" your ready to procede to the next step.

    -in your cmd window,type(or copy/paste,is much easier):
    fastboot getvar all

    -copy the info that outputs here. right click in your cmd window,click mark,highlight it all in white. hit enter. paste the info here. it will help us know which ruu for you to run. :)
  3. Rocket Music

    Rocket Music Active Member

    Thanks for you're help scotty85. I was able to get adb to work last night. Took me 9 hours to get my phone back to life D; Well know I know what to do if that ever happens again. And I wasn't able to ruu because I was on kitkat. Anyways thanks. First time htc user here xD
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  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    You're quite welcome,sorry the reply came a little late. :eek: glad you are sorted and just holler if you have more questions :)

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