[Sprint] Rooting for LG Optimus G (sprint) Updated (3/13/13)

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    This is not my method. This was done by Engine95 over at XDA. All props go to him.

    Be sure to follow this guide to the TEE.


    If you are on build zV9 you need to follow this guide instead.This is thanks to fiddy619!!


    Now you have to unlock your bootloader in order to remove bloat and install CWM or TWRP. You need to follow THIS guide. This guide will only install CWM. You will have to download TWRP and install through CWM in order to have that recovery instead. Props for this guide go to Team Codefire and Thecubed.


    I will update this with ROMs as I find them and they come out. I will also link this in the ATR Guide so it doesn't get lost. :)

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  2. Alsaces Daddy

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