Sprint Samsung Intercept 2.2 update details!Tips

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  1. MahaloCat

    MahaloCat Well-Known Member

    Did they fix the Soft Keys and the Proximity Sensor........

  2. MahaloCat

    MahaloCat Well-Known Member

    Hmmmmnow i need to find out if they fixed the Exploit to root!
  3. XoSummerBabyXo

    XoSummerBabyXo Active Member

    So today I received the froyo update for my sprint intercept and I like it a lot. Except for the pure white colors that show up in the notification bar and the messaging section, I was wondering if there was any way to change this or if I stuck with this basic white color that I have ? :confused:
  4. defiant79

    defiant79 Member

    My wife's Intercept updated this morning. I haven't messed with it much yet, but I did notice that the wifi and other icons were gone from the notification bar. Is this normal or did something go wrong with the update?
  5. XoSummerBabyXo

    XoSummerBabyXo Active Member

    Mine is the same I had to go to settings and turn it on. And as for the vibration, silent thing there is this thing when you go to unlock your phone on the right side that has like a speaker if you slide that it turns vibration on.
  6. daystrom

    daystrom Well-Known Member

    Both my wife's Intercept and son's Intercept updated this morning to 2.2.

    WOW - The phone actually works now! It no longer drops the data connection after leaving a voicemail or mms, location services finally work on the apps, and best of all the phone is responsive. I was able to free up a lot of ram using app2sd to move apps to the SD card too.

    Thank you Sprint and Samsung!
  7. MCAT

    MCAT Member

    Ditto! Daughters phone updated this morning. It looks good!
  8. phallen

    phallen Member

    glad it working for someone..... ready to throw mine out the window of a moving vehicle. the problems i had with 2.1 are nothing compared this. seems like i'm getting a force close message every 15min.:mad: yes it does look great and love the extra home screens.
  9. XoSummerBabyXo

    XoSummerBabyXo Active Member

    Have you tried calling your service provider? Maybe they can offer some assistance. Mine is working great, just not sure i like the layout ( the slate grey colors every where i go)

    Hopefully it will work for you soon, have you gone to your settings and tried to update it manually ?
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  10. phallen

    phallen Member

    manually update what? android, profile or PRL? after android updated this morning, it notified me that there were no firmware updates
  11. XoSummerBabyXo

    XoSummerBabyXo Active Member

  12. bigdave757

    bigdave757 Member

    Yea so far my phone hasnt froze or anything yet. So far so good!
  13. bmore14

    bmore14 New Member

    how can you get the ota update to do it again my phone keeps saying it's up to date but it's on 2.1 any suggestions
  14. dvycke18

    dvycke18 Member

    I too received the update and I miss the icons for wireless, bluetooth and silent/vibrate on the notification screen! However, there is a widget that you can now add to your home screen that has all of those functions and it doesn't look all that bad!
  15. daystrom

    daystrom Well-Known Member

    Just wait. You will get it eventually. I believe the update is rolled down in batches so maybe your batch isn't ready yet.

    Or are you saying you did apply it but it still says 2.1?
  16. neutrino68

    neutrino68 New Member

    I would change the title to "What a world of disappointment!." Wifi settings, Bluetooth, sound, etc are now GONE from the notification window. Really stupid. And calendar and google processes crash constantly. Phone is slower, too. Better be fixes soon or Sprint is taking this phone back!
  17. phallen

    phallen Member

    thank you for the advice. i updated the profile and the PRL. have crashed since.
  18. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

    The update is for Sprint phones only. I haven't seen anything from vm about a upgrade......yet.
  19. phallen

    phallen Member

    update the Profile and PRL... with extra home screens you can download the widgets.
  20. XoSummerBabyXo

    XoSummerBabyXo Active Member

    Granted the Wifi, bluetooth, sound, and such are now gone but I find the new software very interesting. Before on the intercept you had to have a unlock pattern now we actually have a code we can put it which for me adds for better security. Not to mention on my system it seems to be moving and faster and certain applications are no longer crashing!
  21. XoSummerBabyXo

    XoSummerBabyXo Active Member

    Your welcome, are you saying it crashed since then or it hasn't ?
  22. phallen

    phallen Member

  23. crawrj

    crawrj Member

    My wife got hers early this morning in Ky but it bricked her phone. Took it to the store and they replaced it. Updated the new phone with no problems. It is a lot better now. But I don't like the icons missing from the notification area.
  24. crawrj

    crawrj Member

    This update is only for the Sprint Intercept.
  25. Eldin10

    Eldin10 Member

    Do you have any evidence? I spoke with a Sprint representative. She said Virgin Mobile is part of Sprint. She also said that if it is an Android Samsung Intercept running 2.1,it will get updated.
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