[Sprint] Strongly considering HTC One

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  1. mchef8

    mchef8 Member

    Currently have the EVO 4g, rooted and running MikG. Haven't had to mess with rooting in quite a while, so I am a bit rusty. Can anyone recommend a plan for migrating to a new phone? Is it as simple as rooting new phone, and using titanium backup to restore old phone to new phone? Is there anything I would not want to restore? Also, I am looking for a stable sense rom that opens tethering, and includes 4g lte. I have been searching and reading, but have had a challenge in finding a good source for comparing the different roms.

  2. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    no need to backup(maybe your picture's and music to your pc) just make sure you old phone is using google sync. Sign into your new One with google and theirs all your contacts and apps. I put insertcoin on a buddys Sprint One last night, it's a nice 4.3 rom with lots of options.
  3. mchef8

    mchef8 Member

    Thanks for the info. I chose not to use google for storing my contacts. They are all phone contacts that I sync with outlook. I imagine I could just sync the new phone with outlook once I have everything set up. I know I originally mentioned wanting a sense rom, but am now considering trying one of the AOSP roms. Are there any features that I'd lose that are not replaceable by a mod or app? Also, is there another phone I should consider? The only other I was considering was the Samsung GS4.
  4. -Mike-

    -Mike- Well-Known Member

    Not to hijack but I was wondering, has the data performance improved on this device over the Evo LTE?
  5. rootlinux

    rootlinux Well-Known Member

    My data is about the same.
    Maybe a little better.
    New radios probably coming in the next update.
  6. mchef8

    mchef8 Member

    Well I finally jumped on the latest HTC One deal through amazon. Should have it by early next week. I am gearing up for rooting and was wondering if there's anything I should be aware of since my original post?
  7. mchef8

    mchef8 Member

    When I first get the phone, should i register it with sprint and then get all the updates for the phone? Then proceed with rooting? Is there an update I should not get?
  8. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    The 4.4 update for Sprint is still not released, so theirs a good chance your phone will already be up to date with the last 4.3 release. If it does get an OTA it shouldn't break anything as far as unlocking the bootloader and rooting are concerned.
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  9. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    i would recomend to achieve s off prior to accepting any OTAs. its likely the tool will still work after,but better safe than sorry- take advantage of exploits while the door is open.

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