[Sprint] Unlocking Sprint GS4

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  1. luis32744

    luis32744 Active Member

    Hi does anybody know if there is a way to unlock the sprint GS4 to be used domestically within the US with other gsm prepaid carriers. I know there is a way to unlock it to be used when you travel outside of the USA(Which I have already done from galaxys4root.com) but that doesn't help me since I don't travel out the USA. If anyone has some more info please let me know thanks :)

  2. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

  3. luis32744

    luis32744 Active Member

    Got my Sprint S4 unlocked and rooted on 4.4.2 I was actually on the NAE/MDC baseband version and was having issues. WiFi wouldn't cut on and Dailer,lock screen was lagging, Screen would lag as well. But then I flashed it to Cyanogenmod. Works like New. :D
  4. asr777

    asr777 Member

    did you downgrade to NAE/MDC? I'm on Sprint S4 4.4.2 SPH-L720 baseband l720VPUFNG2 and the phone bricks when I attempt to downgrade modem only. using unlock code 723246

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