[Sprint] unroot issue on galaxy s4

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  1. Tried to unroot my phone and showed that I was back at stock 4.2.2 and then my Wi-Fi wouldn't work. Was told I have to install a modem onto my rom, so I did that and now I have some red and yellow words on the top left of my screen at the galaxy s4 boot screen and now I can't make calls, have no sound and my still Wi-Fi doesnt work. Help please!!

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    What did you do to "unroot" the phone. Just unrooting it wouldn't do any of that. (It's just removing a file that the phone didn't come with, and uninstalling an app that the phone didn't come with.)
  3. I used mobile Odin to flash the stock firmware. And then after that the Wi-Fi hasn't worked and then I got to the point in my original post...

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