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[Sprint version] International roaming missingSupport

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  1. Rooski

    Rooski Member

    Okay so this is weird and I REALLY hope someone can help. My husband and I both have the HTC ONE from Sprint. Both running the same software version and everything is the same. However I have the option to select/deselect the option for international roaming voice/data, his phone does not. Problem is is he is a truck driver who goes into Canada and he NEEDS that option. We went into Sprint yesterday and they tried to get it back and couldn't do it. They said to try a hard reset after we backed up the phone. Did that today and still NO option for his phone to use international voice/data. I saw someone else on another page had the same problem but obviously no answer or solution to fix it. Anyone have any ideas or dealt with this?

    Thanks in advance

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    let's go through the facts.

    Both have the same phone.
    same firmware (meaning you both have 4.3)
    you are both STOCK and NOT ROOTED
    a factory reset does not bring back this option.

    something is missing, because the option should be there if the phone is NOT ROOTED and is stock.

    if this is the case, and a facotry reset did nto bring it back, the phone is defective and needs to be sent in to HTC for repairs, OR if your husband wants to ROOT the phone, he may be able to do this and can perhaps gain even more options over stock.

    there is no setting to hide this option, so there is not anything you can do other than to

    verify the factory reset worked
    the phone is not rooted

    riddle me this batman, did the phone EVER HAVE the option? what happened to make the option go away?
  3. Rooski

    Rooski Member

    As far as we know the phone never had the option. We really have no clue cause we've never tried to turn it on before. He never had a need to use to before and now it's a necessity. He used it with his old EVO but never this phone. Neither of our phones have ever been rooted (I'm too much of a chicken to attempt it lol). I was thinking it was probably a defective phone but wanted to see if it was something stupid we were all missing as it normally is. Guess we have to take it into Sprint and hopefully they will give him a brand new one and not a refurbished since it is a manufacturer problem and not a user problem.
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