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  1. AndroidSerpent

    AndroidSerpent Well-Known Member

    I just updated my phone from Viper 4.1.2 to EclipticONE 4.3 and all the ROMs that are 4.3 seem to have issues with wifi. At first I thought it was the ROM but now it looks more like it's my phone. I wrote down the HBOOT and RADIO in case you guys needed it or if it was helpful. So what do I do to fix this?

    HBOOT: 1.44.4444

  2. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    Changing and flashing Rom's does not change your radio or Hboot. This is done by flashing firmware.
    Have a look here >> [Guide] Vomer's Ultimate AIO - S-OFF, SuperCID, Firmware Upgrade & Custom Recovery - xda-developers

    Running a new 4.3 base rom on older firmware is suppose to be ok, but you never know.

    Here's the new firmware for Sprint, you'll still use the Guide I posted above..
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  3. AndroidSerpent

    AndroidSerpent Well-Known Member

    Thank you, I'll try this when I get home.
  4. AndroidSerpent

    AndroidSerpent Well-Known Member

  5. AndroidSerpent

    AndroidSerpent Well-Known Member

    So I did something stupid here. I got HBOOT: 1.55 but now I have a notice that says I'm locked even though I still have s-off. I think I went wrong when I tried to use revone when I got s-off through moonshine. I still have root access.

    At the very top it says:

    Everything shows I have root access but how do I remove the tampered and locked notices on top? It's bugging me.

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