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    I'm and Android developer, until now I have made applications for others companies so we from StartQ decided to develop an application for our own company. SQ Money Lite is the simplest free way to manage your personal finances.

    SQ Money Lite it is a free and simple application to manage your personal finances. If you want more complex features you can upgrade to the paid version.

    This application helps you budget and track your spending. Add financial details like income from salaries, winnings, or sales, and enter your expenses from dating to travel.

    Add customized categories for income or expenses, and generate financial reports.

    Download SQ Money Lite

    Here are just a few images.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There is also a paid version Download SQ Money.

    Looking forward for your feedback, and looking forward in implementing new features that will be available soon.

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