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  1. grindkingman

    grindkingman Member

    I just got a new Zte force and I was listening to some mp3s that I put on it and I noticed that the speaker sounded like it was blown (clipping/crackling sound) . I disabled the SRS sound enhancement option in the sound settings menu and the crackling noise stopped. It was making the crackling sounds with a few different songs. Has anyone noticed this problem with their phone? Is this just a problem specific with this phone or is there a problem with the speaker?

  2. jaxjaguars

    jaxjaguars Active Member

    I notice the same issue. It seems to be a issue with the force.
  3. grindkingman

    grindkingman Member

    Any input is appreciated. If i know that is just how the phone is, then I won't have to go through the trouble of getting a new force just to have the same issue.
  4. parbosz

    parbosz Well-Known Member

    The issue i have is that when i listen to my songs, my volume drops and sounds different/weird :/ ?? how do i fix this
  5. grindkingman

    grindkingman Member

    The only way I've found to stop my phone from having that problem is turning off the SRS SOUND ENHANCEMENT option in the sound settings.

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