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  1. intermental

    intermental Active Member

    what is SSA with the power icon in the applications? My optimus V kept locking up soon after start up and after trying a bunch of combinations, I narrowed it down to being the SSA app,.....

    any ideas? I now have to force stop it when i reboot and it doesnt come back afterwards.

  2. aeroseek

    aeroseek Active Member

    I believe it is the VM "activate" app.
  3. K-L-M

    K-L-M Member

    Yes, SSA is definitely the Virgin activate app. Dunno why it is running as a background service however. Probably has to do with monthly service renewal for auto-pay?

    I think in some cases if you flash a new ROM or something like that, you need to restart your service with it. I think I recall other times folks have suggested using SSA when they were having issues making phone cars, or 3G.
  4. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href=" Contributor

    Yes, I read something about that as well. The point I got from reading the thread(your going to have to do a search for "activate app" to find the thread, My brains locked up) was it is a very handy app in case you have service issue's after flashing a custom ROM, or issue's with service for maybe some other reason(this seemed like an app I would definitely not want to uninstall).

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