Standard Mail app on IMAP - Sent folder problem

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  1. cprelude

    cprelude Member

    Hi, I have a client who has configured the Standard included Email app for IMAP. It's working OK for incoming. But, when he sends the emails get stored in the local Sent folder, not on the Inbox.Sent folder on the server. Unlike iOS and other Android apps, there does NOT seem to be an option to change this in the default email app. Can anyone confirm that this is definitely and absolutely the case? Because he, otherwise likes the standard app very much, and will only change to an alternative app, such as K9 or MailDroid, if he has to.
    I would really appreciate some clarity on this. I have searched the handset high and low, and not found any possibility of making the setting change that I need to make.


  2. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    Using the standard email app on my Nexus 4, mail sent via IMAP to my Gmail accounts *does* show up in the sent folder online. Unfortunately, I don't have a non-Gmail IMAP account to test, but it apparently is working correctly for me.

    I don't have a solution. Sorry.

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  3. cprelude

    cprelude Member

    Many thanks crashdamage! I have concluded that this Sent Items issue just has not been resolved. But thanks for the tip re. Gmail app.

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