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Starting a Development Team - MattDroidInc

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  1. MattDroidInc

    MattDroidInc Member


    I have recently started developing Android apps on my own and I am finding it extremely difficult to work on my own and wondered whether anyone wanted to partner with me to create a fully organised Dev team with the aim to actually making some money. I have a few ideas at the moment (one of which I am working on at the moment) and would really like to eventually make this into a part time job but to do so I need people who I can trust to work as a team and to become top end developers.

    Do not worry about experience, if you are interested please do let me know. Either post here, pm me or email me on MattDroidInc@gmail.com


  2. rexes

    rexes Member

    Are you still looking for members?
  3. MattDroidInc

    MattDroidInc Member


    I am still looking to build a team, I have emailed a few people but not had any response as yet. If interested please let me know via the email address given above.

  4. MattDroidInc

    MattDroidInc Member

    Hi, i am also looking for someone who is good at GFX design making simple GFX's for the apps. Payment will be issued once the app brings in revenue, a contract will be provided as per our other developers.
  5. yacoub_89

    yacoub_89 New Member

    Hi, are you still looking for members?
  6. breaktimexx

    breaktimexx New Member

    Hello, Are you still looking for members?

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