Starting Messaging with TO number pre-filled

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  1. barrygt30

    barrygt30 New Member

    Hey everyone - complete noob here, but versed in a lot of things computer related.
    Trying to use App Inv to start messaging with the TO: already filled with the number to message to. I'd like for it to open a new message ready to fill the body so all the user has to do is type in the message itself and hit send.
    I've looked at countless examples of testing to a group and creating text boxes to fill but, I'd just like the messaging app to open, user fill it in and send.
    I've got the email working and the going to a website working as well as calling the person buttons all working properly but this is driving me crazy.
    Any help or pointing in the direction I need to be would be appreciated.

  2. barrygt30

    barrygt30 New Member

    Hi - got the MMS app to open, but I'd like for it to start a message already pre-addressed (to a specific phone number) with the body blank.

    Any help?

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