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  1. Unknown_User

    Unknown_User Member

    So last night I get a message on my Xoom that there's a update availiable for my Xoom, hoorah 3.1. So I run the update, and go to sleep. Wake up and now I see the Xoom at the Motorola logo with this message on it 'Starting RSD Protocol Support 3 for Xoom'.

    I figure that it was still doing the update and left it alone, but it's been 2 hours now and the Xoom is still showing this message. So I do the Volume Up and Power button trick but the Xoom just boots up at this screen with the message on it. Been doing this for the past 10 minutes and nothing.

    So does anyone know what I can do to get past this screen and get my Xoom up and running? I have not rooted my Xoom, and the only thing recently done was the 3.1 update that I decided to run last night.

  2. etacarinae

    etacarinae Active Member

    I got this update this morning...it all went well....update then rebooted itself and was done.took just a minute.Don't know what happend too you. :confused:
  3. Unknown_User

    Unknown_User Member

    All I did was tap on the update now button last night, and while it was running the update I went to sleep. the Xoom was not connected to a charger, desktop via USB cable, the only thing it was connected was the 3G data network. Not sure what happened other than me waking up, expecting Xoom update to be complete and seeing my Xoom stuck at the Motorola screen displaying 'Starting RSD Protocol Support 3 for Xoom'.
  4. etacarinae

    etacarinae Active Member

    Is your battery more than 15% charged?....should not sleep while getting update
  5. Unknown_User

    Unknown_User Member

    Lesson learned my friend, lesson learned. The battery was roughly around a 80% charge when I looked at it. I guess I have to breakdown and head towards my local Verizon Wireless store, but god I hate going there. The so-called device specialist they have working there is an absolute moron. Sales reps care more about selling me something vs. doing any kind of customer service, and the closest thing I can get to decent customer service is from one of the assistant managers that works there.

    I was hoping that someone here would have a fix and I could avoid heading there and dealing with them, but I guess I'll just head down and pray that they'll swap it out under warranty.
  6. etacarinae

    etacarinae Active Member

    Can you save your files then do a factory reset?
  7. Unknown_User

    Unknown_User Member

    Computer doesn't seem to recognize Xoom in the current state it is in. However I do have the files that I had on Xoom backed up on computer, no big loss there. If you don't mind can you explain on how to do a hard reset on the Xoom. The only way I know of is going into Settings, Privacy, and Factory Data Reset, but unfortunately I can't do this because of the current state of my Xoom. As mentioned it will only power up to the Motorola Logo with this message in the upper left corner 'Starting RSD Protocol Support 3'. So I wonder if there is an alternate method of doing a hard reset on the Xoom?
  8. etacarinae

    etacarinae Active Member

    I would leave the Xoom on I till battery completely drained and shut itself off.Then recharge and see what happens before going to dreaded Verizon store.
  9. Unknown_User

    Unknown_User Member


    Thank god! Friend managed to find an alternate method of doing a hard reset for me. Sent me this screenshot. It took a few tries but managed to get it to work and seemed to fix the issue with my Xoom. Thought I would share the screenshot that has the alternate way of doing a hard reset on the Xoom.
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  10. androidsuperhero

    androidsuperhero New Member

    Invade this happens to anyone else in the future...press and hold the volume up and power button together. The device should shut off and boot itseld back up.

    I figured this method out when I got into whatever the rsd thing was...

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