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  1. doctorhallam

    doctorhallam Member This Topic's Starter

    May 21, 2010
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    i have xperia x10
    First back up ur phone numbers
    now go on ur pc and log on to ur google mail account
    once logged on goto settings
    now goto accounts and import
    where it says send mail as, switch to @gmail.com (you need to switch ur address to gmail or googlemail )
    once you have changed your mail address log out
    on your phone goto settings, applications,manage applications and you need to clear cache on the following
    google talk, google mail, google apps, market, download manager
    turn phone off and on again and goto google talk and log on ur new google address(@gmail.com) once you have done this try downloading a app from market( if you have apps downloading pending cancel and restart.
    this is what i did and it worked for me, no factory reset needed
    hope it works good luck


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