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Starting to see a lot of issues with my phoneSupport

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  1. MrSmoofy

    MrSmoofy Well-Known Member

    So I've had it since the first week of launch and for the most part I can say it's great but I'm starting to notice A LOT of problems with it that are starting to get very annoying.

    1. 4G/3G internet connection seems to stop working randomly it shows it's connected but you can't browse to anything until you reboot the phone.

    2. Sound quality on phone calls seems to have gotten really bad.

    3. Speaker phone for talk or music is horrible, hard to understand anyone talking.

    4. WiFi seems to disconnect and reconnect continuously when trying to use the phone.

    5. Facebook app often won't start and gives you option to report it because it's not responding.

    6. Uploading pictures to facebook (not using the HTC app) locks up/never completes 99% of the time and always uploads a duplicate. Only way to clear it is to reboot.

    7. If your sending a text message while receiving a text message your message will not be delivered and a retry box will appear over and over and over.

    8. After phone has been on charger either wall or car when unpluged it shows it's still charging even though it's not.

    9. Notification light is blinking when there are no notifications present.

    10. Car chargers purchased from Verizon Store for this phone do not work correctly most of the time. Sometimes I have to fiddle with it to get it to start charging sometimes it gets in a state where it's charging then not then charging then not then charging then not. If you leave the phone plugged into the car charger and unplug the charger from the car the charger light itself stays lit being powered by the phone (weird) does this with all the chargers I've tried from Verizon they don't know why.

    11. While charging the screen comes on randomly for no reason.

    12. Has same grounding issues as the original incredible so that if it's plugged into the charger the screen will be unresponsive sometimes.

    13. Verizon Backup Assistant does not work. Every night it attempts to backup and fails with server not responding.

    Sooo anyone else seeing any of these issues?

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  2. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Well-Known Member

    No. Though I don't use Facebook, so I cannot comment on those issues.
  3. DodgerinNH

    DodgerinNH Well-Known Member

    I would concur with just about everything you say, although I don't really do much Facebook on the phone, but I would like to add (or add to):

    1) WiFi is DEFINITELY buggy on this device. Even when trying out some of these new apps to keep WiFi alive, I still don't always get push emails. Several minutes later, sure, but it's usually when I get tired of waiting and re-wake my phone that I get the notifications. It's gotten so that I'm almost considering just sticking with the 3G/4G, but now that we don't have unlimited data, I feel like we're playing right into Verizon's hands.

    2) The locked bootloader has definitely got me miffed, because Developers' Roms would definitely take care of a lot of these issues. I have lodged several formal complaints with Verizon about that one.

    3) I've noticed the sound quality on the external speaker is pretty shabby, even when compared with my over two year old Incredible. It's really noticeable on music ringtones, which now have no low end and sound very tinny and distorted.

    4) Sometimes when it shows as connected to 4G, my web pages won't render at all. Which makes the whole "lightning fast" 4G network experience pretty moot for me.

    5) Backup Assistant is a joke, but it could be because phone is going into deep sleep at night when backup assistant is backing up. See issue #1

    6) Same issues you're having with charging. I have a whole bunch of chargers, however, and I think it primarily happens with the cheapies.

    7) This part has got me a little down, but my OG Incredible is a little snappier, a little more responsive than the Incredible 4G. I know because I kept it and gave it to my daughter, which she uses on my WiFi at home (making voice calls over Groove IP, one of the greatest apps ever invented!!). It is rooted and running CM7.1, so maybe Cyanogen Mod is just faster than stock, but it's still a little depressing that my 2 year old phone is faster than my 2 month old phone.

    8) I'm sure I'll think of more later, but I thank the OP for bringing some of this stuff up, because it is important, particularly the deep sleep issue. I'd REALLY like to see a fix for that, as HTC really screwed the pooch on that one.
  4. Skidoo03

    Skidoo03 Well-Known Member

    I can't comment on most as I'm one of the lucky ones and rooted early before it was pulled and am running a custom rom but as far as Facebook, I think it may just be a problem with the app because a few days ago when my roommate (has the original EVO, unrooted) and I both updated it it started acting buggy and we never had problems before. I could be wrong but those are just my experiences.
  5. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Well-Known Member

    Clearing the FB app cache seems to fix the upload problem.
  6. MrSmoofy

    MrSmoofy Well-Known Member

    I've tried that and it doesn't help. The same was said for getting addresses in search results to open in Google Maps instead of in the browser and that doesn't work either.
  7. today

    today Well-Known Member

    Darnit. I'm not having those issues. Or at least I don't use my phone the same way.
  8. One needs to understand that the Incredible 4g is a significantly lower quality device than the past two versions.
  9. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Well-Known Member

    I disagree.
  10. Hask12

    Hask12 Member

    Considering the large number of issues you are having and the fact that I don't seem to be having any of those problems. I would take the phone back to verizon. Before you do I would go to the settings page and make sure you have your mobile network and wifi turned on. Verizon sales people seem to always have a set number of responses to problems none of the problems being their fault. You don't want to give them an opening.
  11. dcont

    dcont Active Member

    The two things I can address, as I've had similar issues:

    - The Facebook app is junk. Period. The Aug 23rd update caused force closes. There was another update on Aug 29th that seemed to fix it. Have you updated and checked to see if the photo upload issue has been fixed? I highly doubt this issue is phone-specific. Facebook acknowledges issues with their Android app and a completely new re-written app is expected to be released soon.

    - Unresponsive screen when charging is usually due to charger issues, not the phone, like someone else said. I've never had a problem using the HTC chargers, but a few of the el-cheapo ones I've acquired over the years cause this problem.

    I haven't experienced any of the other issues you listed. The one issue I'm still having that HTC support can't fix is with the stock mail app not syncing with gmail, hotmail or yahoo without manually refreshing. As a result I just don't use the stock mail app, even though I hate knowing there's a bug with the phone that HTC can't fix.

    Good luck.

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