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Startup screen says "Custom" with open pad lock?General

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  1. GrandPuba

    GrandPuba Member

    Anybody know what this is?

  2. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    Is your phone running a custom rom or is it standard? Has it been purchased 2nd hand?
  3. GrandPuba

    GrandPuba Member

    I bought it brand new from verizon when I signed up. No, I have not try to root it. It literally came out of the blue.
  4. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    A similar thread here but this guy had rooted his handset but then wanted to return it and needed to un-root, but the 'padlock' appears here also...
    [Q] Help with unroot and removing "Custom" and unlocked padlock - xda-developers
    Its possible that your 'new' handset maybe a returned handset that had been rooted, highly unlikely but still possible, if this is the case then return it, but this still maybe something else, I just found that forum post on google.

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