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State of native developement

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  1. suicideducky

    suicideducky New Member This Topic's Starter

    May 25, 2010
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    Hey guys,

    Just wondering about the developing native code (C/C++) for the android, I have read up on the NDK but am a little confused. From what I understand generally code is writting in a subset of java using the android APIs and the NDK allows you to embed C/C++ code within a java program but there are limited libraries.

    I have also seen videos of android phones running 3d games written in "90% C++" using custom game engines quoting similar facts.

    I am wondering how this is possible? Did they root the device and do something nasty? Or am I entirely missing the point here?

    On a possible side note, what about developing code on the device (there is an article about debugging on the device), but what about actually writing code and 'compiling' it on the device itself? Does this exist and/or is this feasable?

    I sadly have yet to jump onto the android bandwagon but hope to get my hands on a nexus one in the next few months.



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