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  1. Matt_H

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    When I stream audio (via Pandora, MLB At Bat, Public Radio Live Stream, IHeartRadio, etc) and listen through my car stereo via the aux-in port, the audio sounds great. However, if I also have the phone plugged in to the cigarette lighter charger at the same time, the sound has significantly more static. When I unplug the charger, the static immediately goes away and the sound returns to high-quality. I've tried several different cables (both aux and charger) thinking that there was a shielding problem. Has anyone else experienced this, and does anyone have a solution or a combination of cables that provides the same good sound when the phone is charging as when it is not?

  2. jasonacg

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    Does the sound change as the engine RPM changes?

    This could be a ground loop problem. Search for ground loop isolators online. I think that will solve the problem. It's happened to me as well.
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  3. ovrrdrive

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    The noise is coming from the power port. If it's bad enough to bother you, you can try to get an inline noise filter to attempt to straighten it out.
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  4. Matt_H

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