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  1. sharadsharma

    sharadsharma Active Member


    I have been hearing a constant static/rhythmic hissing sound from the phone while I am on a call. This sound is absent while using earphones and a problem only when using the phone for voice calls.

    This problem does not occur when using Skype.

    Anybody else facing this issue?


  2. sharadsharma

    sharadsharma Active Member

    50 views and no replies! I would have to be very unlucky to have the problem if it is OK for everybody else :)

    I returned my phone because of this problem and got a new one - Same problem on this phone too.

    There is a constant hissing static (rhythmic like a beep) behind calls. This happens only on the earpiece and not on headsets. You notice it in a quiet room only.

    The sound is like - beep, beep , beeeeeep and repeat.

    I have tried changing SIMs as well - so it is most definitely the phone.

    Anybody noticed this?
  3. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    No troubles here, sorry to hear your misfortune :(
  4. sharadsharma

    sharadsharma Active Member

    Issue 39936 - android - Nexus 4 constant buzzing in earpiece - Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project - Google Project Hosting

    This is what it appears to be!

    This issue happens only when the signal is low (<=2 bars). The antenna supposedly ramps up the power to catch a better signal and hence, makes the rattling/static sound (like hard drive writing data). When you move to an area with a better signal, the rattling stops.

    I had to google incessantly to get closer.

    Now, if you please notice the static sound in areas with low signal, please write back. (Happens more frequently when you move from good signal area to a bad signal area - instead of initiating the call in the bad signal area itself)

  5. Ridethesplit

    Ridethesplit Well-Known Member

    i have noticed exactly the same noise.

    i will check next time to see what my signal strength is like

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