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  1. danyCro

    danyCro Member

    Hi, if that post is not in right thread, please move it to a right thread.

    I am new with App inventor, I want create one program.

    For beginning, can you tell me can I create something like this form with that program? That will be program for statistics. Is possible create tables like that in that program?



  2. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    Moved to the App Inventor forums. =)

    Unfortunately, I have 0 experience with the utility, however from the screenshots that you provided, it certainly looks simple enough that App Inventor should suffice.
  3. danyCro

    danyCro Member

    Hi, now a one simple basic question.
    Somebody please explain me this example:

    If I want place 10 or more buttons (text FontTypeFace or bolds or italics are different in may of them), no, question is how to added them a fast way...

    Do I must adding one button by one, and set formats for each one every time when I adding a new one. Not only for buttons, I need that for all forms (check box, labels etc...).

    Is there exist some options or not for COPY that buttons, which can be save a all formats from previous button and adding faster then one by one? :confused:
  4. danyCro

    danyCro Member

    Hi, new question.

    I set many of checkbox. Now, when I select 14 checkbox, and if I want select a more (like 15,16), I want that:

    a) application show me some window like warning "The limt in golf bag is 14 clubs!",

    b) forbid the next check in checkbox (when click 15 or more).

    For now I set that when I click on other checkbox I got result ("Rezultat") in the label... so, only need a window.

    On b. i try disable checbox when is number 14>, but that is not it, it mus be forbidden.

  5. danyCro

    danyCro Member

    I think will start searching a new forum, this guys not helped me too much. :hmpf:

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