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  1. Astro Creep

    Astro Creep Active Member

    I keep getting ads in my status bar, has a star next to it and says things like "Want a nice car for a decent price?" now, i know i dont have the best, or most working car in the world, but is there a way to get my phone to stop reminding me of this? I think it came from some download I got off of the market, perhaps the Nintendo 64 Emulator. Any way to remove this? Ad Away isn't doing it.

  2. it is from a download. you have to figure out which one it is. try the air push app to get a better idea of which app it is. hope this helped
  3. Astro Creep

    Astro Creep Active Member

    Ohh cool. I'm pretty sure it found the problem... but I'll miss my drug handbook
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  4. vertex55

    vertex55 Member

    .....those ads must be from an app you've installed,.....or possibly from MyMetro Extras,.....just disable it
  5. mrpnut

    mrpnut THE WORLD IS YOURS VIP Member

    Here you go this app will tell you wat ads are running and you can disable them its a really good app, check it out
  6. Astro Creep

    Astro Creep Active Member

    Thanks guys, it was my drug handbook that was doing it
  7. plasticarmyman

    plasticarmyman Well-Known Member

    you can also just search the play store for "opt-out" and download all the different Ad opt-out run them once and then can uninstall them and they make that phone opted out for those ad companies for the life of the phone

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