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  1. Tab88

    Tab88 Member

    I have the GTab 2 7.0 and have noticed that any icons to the left of the time on the status bar (eg. new sms notification icon) are so faint and greyed out I can barely see them. Is this the same for everyone or a glitch? The time itself, plus battery and signal strength are all bright and clear. Running Go Launcher Ex but same problem with stock launcher.

    Finding it very annoying as I cannot see whether I have any new messages without opening the messaging app (Go Notifications plug-in doesn't seem to work either).

    Would really appreciate hearing what others' sms status bar icons look like, are they clearly visible?

  2. Alnn

    Alnn Active Member

    i havent seen a problem with mines... did you check your bright level?

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  3. Tab88

    Tab88 Member

    Thanks for your reply Alnn and for taking the time to upload a screenshot, kind of you.

    Yes the icon is still grey and faint even at full brightness. Contacted Samsung but they offered no help unfortunately.
  4. Alnn

    Alnn Active Member

    Yeah hmmm. I see what you. Mean.. Tried to use my tab in daylight outside of Starbucks and I cant see anything either.... Its software issue... That needs a fix
  5. dhriti

    dhriti New Member

    hey.. i have been facing a similar problem. though its not a fainted out icon but i am continuously get a "-" where the notifications usually used to show up. its been few days now. it was working fine until 4/5 days back. i tried reseting and restarting but it still remains that way. please let me know if any one has any solution for the same.
  6. rvrajan

    rvrajan Member

    @Dhriti.........enable notification......all icons will come....
  7. rvrajan

    rvrajan Member

    @Tab88.....if they are greyed ..come problem in the software ...get it checked .....
    else reset (if you don't have much data / taken backup).//
  8. dr4sight

    dr4sight Well-Known Member

    I have the same tablet as the OP and notice the same problem with the notification icons just to the left of the time. It is odd that it's the only thing down there that is not brightly lit and easy to read.
    Wish there was a fix.

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