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Stay Awake/No Sleep

  1. flaminmoe

    flaminmoe New Member

    I have a Lepan II tablet. I'm pretty sure it has some sort of hardware type of problem because I'm running into issue despite doing various things like restoring to factory, upgrading to ICS, etc.

    The problem is it freezes when it sleeps. Essentially it doesn't wake up from sleep. It works great when I'm running programs, but as soon as I step away from it, I have to reset it to get back on. It doesn't un-sleep.

    So is there is program that prevents it from going to sleep? I'm looking for something to even prevent the screen from going black. Essentially a program that makes it thing like an app is always running.

    I'm not really considered about battery as I never take it outside of my house and have the charger as well readily available.

  2. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    I'm not familiar with your tablet, but what can you control/adjust > Settings > Display?

    You should be able set Display on screen time duration.
    You say you have upgraded to ICS - is it stable or are there glitches in the update?

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