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  1. robf1234

    robf1234 Member

    hi is it possible to stream movies from my wdtv live device to the nexus 7 and if it is how do i do it ?


  2. Missing_Link

    Missing_Link Well-Known Member

    Hi Rob,

    Yes, this works really well as it's the setup I have. To make this work I found the best thing to do is as as follows:

    1. Install Estrongs File Explorer (ES File Explorer is free in the market)
    2. Using ES File Explorer, go onto the LAN tab and add a server (you can scan for it if you are not sure of your WDTV Live's IP Address, but I've found that it doesn't remember scanned devices). Best to add it manually if you can.
    3. Once it has been added you can just browse under the LAN tab, select WDTVLIVE and it will show you all the currently mounted devices.
    4. Just click on the file you want to watch (or any other type of file the Nexus 7 can open), choose the media player you want to use (if you have more than one installed) and it's job done!.

    I would also suggest installing MoboPlayer as it supports many different video formats.

    So far the only thing I'm not able to play (consistent with everyone else in the Android universe!) are .ISO DVD images.

    A couple of other useful tips:

    In ES File Explorer, if you long press the file you want to play you can choose the type of file and then what app you want to open it with.

    When you add the WDTV drive, just add its IP Address. This means that when you browse it in ES File Explorer it will always see whatever drive is connected.

    This all works brilliantly over wireless for me :)

    Hope this helps.
  3. robf1234

    robf1234 Member

    hi where is the lan tab cant see it in es explorer
  4. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member

    open es explorer click 3 vertical dots in the lower right corner to bring menu there you will see "Show Tabs"
  5. robf1234

    robf1234 Member

    thanks working a treat thanks ,,,rob oh ,,can i send movies to my internet tv ?
  6. Rudoes

    Rudoes New Member

    Thank you very much Rob.

    Just one more question. What I want is to stream movies through the tablet (nexus 7). Is it possible to see on the TV movies from a streming movies app in the nexus 7? I mean, the possibility to visualize what I see on the tablet in addition to play the files in the tablet.

    If possible, how?

    Thanks a lot.
  7. stupendo

    stupendo Active Member

    Couldnt you also use bubbleupnp, I use this to stream from my NAS to my Nexus 7, seemed a bit slicker than ES File Explorer.
  8. Missing_Link

    Missing_Link Well-Known Member

    My personal preference is Skifta... it has a really simple and easy to use interface - minimal to no configuration required to use this!. The only problem I came across with Skifta was when I switched off my Nexus 7 screen the audio chopped up like it was having to buffer every few seconds. This has ONLY happened when playing to my Roberts iStream radio. Playing to my WDTVLIVE (Gen 3), it works flawlessly.

    This is my setup:

    1. SOURCE: Music library is either my laptop or my HTC Desire (with wifi enabled with Skifta loaded). My HTC serves as a good NAS device when I don't have my laptop on as it has a 32gb memory card and lots of music on it.

    2. BROWSER: I use my Nexus 7 with Skifta loaded on it to browse my laptop or HTC Desire. The larger screen makes it nice for browsing my audio collection.

    3. TARGET: I "play to" my Roberts radio or my WDTVLIVE, via the Nexus 7.

    Skifta also makes the devices visible to my PS3.

    With respect to Bubbleupnp, it is a highly configurable and slick app, but I want to spend my time playing music, not configuring stuff. Personal choice I guess :)
  9. Rudoes

    Rudoes New Member

    Hi again:

    I bought the wdtv live, but I'm not being able to set it up.
    I scan the servers from the es explorer under the LAN tab, and it finds the ip address of my home internet connexion but I can't find the wdtv live. I click on the ip address, and it only appears an icon called IPC$. I click on this icon and a message of 'Connexion Login error'.

    What an I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

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