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Steinheil Ultra Clear.Accessories

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  1. Daneg

    Daneg Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 21, 2010
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    So today i got my Ultra Clear for my droid X.

    On the back of the box it shows that the film has TWO tabs. Mine only has one. I applied the first one, and thought "well online in the videos people peeled away a top layer so I guess I'll try" so I attempted to do that with tape, and failed and ended up getting the bottom marked up so I wasted that one.

    I applied the Second film, only one tab. I applied it, used the squeegee, and now the film (part that you touch to use the phone) has marks on it....IS there a layer that peels off? The box shows that it does, mine doesn't peel anymore.
    I ordered this from them directly.


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