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  1. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    You first peel off the side with the green sticker that says "Adhesive Protection Film". The documentation says to peel it half-way and then more as you smooth the protector with the little card.

  2. rp4643

    rp4643 Active Member

    Im not surprised you have bubbles. This product is a POS. The instructions are terrible to say the least..says to pull the green tab halfway but the green tab was on the wrong side of the product. I threw it away, its garbage. I have always used phantom skinz with not one issue. DONT BUY!
  3. kramerica

    kramerica Well-Known Member

    To late.

    Ordered mine on Wednesday night, rec'd on Saturday. Quick arrival for me and I was pleasantly surprised.

    Directions were not the greatest, but not complicated. It's a hard screen so there isn't a lot of guesswork. My 1st attempt did result in a couple bubbles and I wasn't thrilled about it (will see how their Customer Service is). I did not pull off the non adhesive side layer either time as I knew that I would want to have a barrier when I used the bubble remover. The 1st time was most likely user error because I got OCD all the sudden. Put on the 2nd one and I am thrilled about the image this screen helps produce. Maybe just me, but it seems like the display almost went 1080p. I am a BSE user and very well may have found a new screen protector.

    I have no hesitation about a recommendation for this screen. Would like to see the difference between the Ultra Clear and the Anti Fingerprint, but am very happy to have pulled the trigger.

  4. Navychief52

    Navychief52 Active Member

    Recommend.....This is a very nice protector. Crystal clear

    I have a method, and I'm sure that it will make some cringe, but it works for me. I used it with the Steinheil and it worked just fine again.

    1.) Pull battery
    2.) Clean the screen with an optical lens cleaner
    3.) Wipe it down with the microfiber cloth
    4.) Get a bowl of water and put in a few drops of liquid dish washing soap. (Don't stir too hard, no bubbles)
    5.) Put on a pair of thin rubber gloves. (Doctor examining type)
    6.) Remove protective cover on side that goes on the screen
    7.) Place entire cover in bowl of water.
    8.) Let the majority of the water drip off the cover. The water/soap works as a lubricant to move the cover if needed once on the screen.
    9.) Place cover on screen, position as necessary
    10.) Push bubbles out to side with credit card/wedge
    11.) Remove the outside film from the cover.
    12.) Reinstall battery

    The water/soap helps to move if necessary and it helps get all of the air bubbles out.
    It isn't dripping wet with water, so no damage to the phone.
  5. dequardo

    dequardo Well-Known Member

    You've got to be kidding with the process above. This is a dry application protector that could not be easier to apply. If you are serious I really question whether the X is the best phone for you to be using.
  6. Navychief52

    Navychief52 Active Member

    Yeah, I'm quite serious, works out perfect.

    You seem to insinuate that I am not technically adapt enough to operate an "X" because I post something that works for me every time?

    I instruct Unix/Linux kernel management/tuning for a living as well as deploy Enterprise UNIX solutions to Fortune 500 companies....... question all you want if it makes you feel superior. I'm OK with that in a forum.
  7. rp4643

    rp4643 Active Member

    This is the steps phantom skinz uses... Funny how the SPG POS doesn't tell you to use this procedure. The product is probably great but their instructions on how to install SUCK,IMO.
  8. rp4643

    rp4643 Active Member

    I agree with you, I as well deploy SAN's and AIX big Iron systems and I know good instructions when i see them, SPG instruction are very ILL and its a shame lots of people will throw away good money because of that. Ill be writing SPG.
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  9. Navychief52

    Navychief52 Active Member

    Thanks, every forum I visit someone notes that they have ruined their screen protector by trying a "dry" application. They get frustrated and just give up. For them, I post this procedure and those that try it, have a far easier time getting it right. I'm 47, my eyes are not that of a 20 year old anymore. I can't get it aligned just perfect the first time. This allows me to install it and have it look the way that I want. Just wanting to assist.......

  10. Leftyguy

    Leftyguy Well-Known Member

    Steinheil is a great product. I used the Ultra Crystal Clear after removing the anti-glare from VZN. Too many visual fingerprints with their's. Super easy to install. What finger prints do show up, they are easily removed with a dry MicroFiber Cleaning cloth.
  11. kramerica

    kramerica Well-Known Member

    SPG doesn't tell people this because that's not the way you are supposed to put them on. So would it be safe to assume that if you can't get them on following the method you think it should be done, it's not a worthy product and you shouldn't buy it? And because it didn't work for you because you felt the instructions were not written clearly they get a "bad" review? The directions are cut and dry because the process is cut and dry.

    I appreciate Navychiefs bringing something unorthodox to the application table and completely disagree with the poster who mentioned the mental capacity for trying said method, but saying it's SPG's poor methods for not telling people to wet a dry application product is why they continue to sell these things like crazy. Not because it's "funny how".
  12. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    I'm sorry to hear that you, personally, had a bad experience with the product. In my opinion the product is not, however, a POS. It's probably one of the batter products on the market. My experience with the product was quite good and I'm enjoying the quality of the screen protector.

    I don't have any personal experience with the Phantom Skinz product but I'd tend to avoid wet application products. I spent too much money on this phone to be applying water based anything to the product. I do, however, get a kick out of the Phantom Skinz installation video where they specifically say to leave the phone turned off with the power disconnected for 24 hours after applying the product Yea... I don't think so!! LOL

    YouTube - Phantom Skinz Installation Video
  13. Ringhale

    Ringhale Well-Known Member

    Ok forgive for my ignorance but do the anti-finger print protectors have an outside film that you need to remove?
  14. rp4643

    rp4643 Active Member

    Not sure the instructions are very vague, check their web site. Oh yea, i did that before I started ,no help!..There are some you tubes video's U may be able to find.
  15. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    No... the anti fingerprint does not have an outside film to remove.
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  16. dequardo

    dequardo Well-Known Member

    Sorry but I just have a difficult time understanding how a dry product benefits from this method and I've been applying all sorts of protectors wet and dry for a long time now. But, hey, if it works that's great. The real issue is why you feel it's necessary. I've put on SGP products as specified and the install could not be any easier (dry). Zero bubbles.
  17. Navychief52

    Navychief52 Active Member

    It's no big deal.......If someone gets some help with it, great, and if not, I've wasted 5 minutes of my life typing it in for nothing.

    Kind Regards
  18. schimm

    schimm Well-Known Member

    Typically they have a matte texture....which does not help with clarity. I tried a BoxWave matte on my iPad :)p) and it was horrible insofar as it blurred small text and created a multicolored speckling affect.
  19. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    Personally I'm liking the matte finish more than the glossy finish in the ultra crystal screen protector. :D
  20. Bobby_V

    Bobby_V Member

    Has anyone ever been in contact with the SGP store people? They sent me a freaking iphone 4 screen protector instead of a Droid X protector and they don't answer their emails or submissions on the contact us page. They have no phone number on their website either.

    Ironic thing is that I returned my iphone 4 and got the Droid instead.
  21. tbert

    tbert Well-Known Member

    I highly recommend the anti-fingerprint film. Besides doing what it's supposed to, its texture also makes sliding your finger much easier.
  22. knowquarter

    knowquarter Member

    I don't understand how the instructions are unclear, it was pretty easy!

    Clean your phone screen with the cloth provided.

    Remove top film layer via pull tab (this is there to protect the product pre-installation, no other reason).

    Pull back the second film (harder film) and line up the screen protector with your phone, while continuously pulling back the film until the entire screen protector is applied to the face of your phone.

    Remove any dust particles that happened to land between your phone/protector in in this process with the little stickers they provide.

    All you're doing is installing a thin piece of plastic to a phone face, you're thinking about it too hard.
  23. elgerber

    elgerber Member

    I got mine today, installed in with the steamy shower trick. It went on super easy, I love it. It does collect dust and stuff easier than the Verizon one, but I just wipe it off when I need to. The screen looks so much clearer!
    The tricky part was putting my Decal Girl skin on, since it goes on top of the screen protector, and as I lined that up it kept pulling up the protector. I think they are both on there fine now.
  24. Syco54645

    Syco54645 Active Member

    Got mine. They are just ok. It was lifting at one corner and the left and right edges as soon as I got it on. They customer service sucks. They removed my apartment number from my order email. I promptly emailed them to tell them. The item had already been marked as shipped but figured it wouldnt hurt. Never heard back. Item still arrived. Not happy that my overpriced screen protector is lifting at the edges and they wont get back to me.
  25. rp4643

    rp4643 Active Member

    Welcome to my world, maybe they can learn by looking at the comments made by their customers..I'll say it again, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT..

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