Step by Step Rooting Instructions: for Huawei Ascend

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  1. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    I'm always happy to help someone as nice as you are! :)

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  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    While I got you on-line,just wanted to talk about Launcher Pro(free version). It was nice thr 1st 3 weeks of use,now(even before rooting),it has a LOT of lag,slow to respond,icons slow to appear at times.Was this your experience & do you recommend upgrading to the paid version?
  3. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    I do not encounter any of that with LP, weird
  4. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    There have been some recent issues with the developer of LP. It made some longtime users really mad and they have vowed never to use LP again because of the way he caused the free version to expire and it created some horrible problems for a lot of users.

    I began to use LP when this first started to happen and uninstalled it after one day because it seemed unstable to me. Then a few days later I decided to give it a second chance and purchased the pro version. I love it and I've never had a problem since. But I would be worried if I had the free version.

    Hope that helps! I think that Federico (the developer) has probably learned his lesson but he definitely wants the users to BUY it and so he may have something in the free version that is slower just to make you go pro.

    If you don't want to pro you might try GO launcher. I hear it's very good too but I haven't tried it. And to me a launcher is an important feature that needs to be dependable. Whichever route you go I'd opt for the Pro after you decide you like it.

    On second lieu of what happened. Even if you want to keep LP I would uninstall the version you have and go back to the market and get the new updated one. That's probably what's causing you grief. But I still would eventually go pro if you like it.

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  5. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    How long have you had it, NY?
  6. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    Since I came back home with the refurb, and re-rooted. So, since Saturday, but I have not got any kind of expiration notices, or noticed any kind of lag using it. It's much better than the default launcher
  7. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Then you got the new updated free version, after the ruckus occurred with the old one.

    There is a very long topic about it somewhere in the Android forum and people are hopping mad over it.

    LauncherPro has been one of the most popular apps on the market and many felt absolutely betrayed by what happened.

    I didn't have that much emotion invested in it so I stayed with LP+.
  8. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    I will be putting some $ in my Cricket acct. tomorrow to purchase LP upgrade & a couple of other apps (A better task killer) ,I've tried lots of them(all free),some are better than others,but nothing that stands out over the rest.I like the Automatic Task killer,but it doesn't list all user apps,namely LP,even though it is clearly listed in my app library.
    This may explain a lot of other problems people have with apps that work well and all of a sudden they don't.
    I feel like now I have a "new" phone,thanks to your help.This phone should hold me over for a long time( in phone years,that is).Would like to see Cricket come out with something like the Blackberry Torch in Android,or like the Droid Pro. I had a Motorola QA30 HINT prior to getting the Ascend,I like the form & the physical keyboard,but it was a high-end dumb phone at best.After that,I vowed to never pay full price for ANY phone again.
    I know I sound like I'm gushing,but anyway,THANK YOU ocne again JAZZIETTE!,you're as cool as the other side of the pillow.
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  9. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    LOL!!! Thanks so much KOLIO!!! That's the first time I've ever been told that! I take it as a supreme compliment. ;)
  10. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Payton....please post here what step you are stuck on.
  11. wpayton

    wpayton Member

    Im stuck on step 8. My phone shut down & restarted now I can't find zroot to check option to reroot.
  12. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    There you are. Thank you very much! One sec and I will begin to help you. Just wanted to let you know I'm here.
  13. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Okay. Let's go over this again. You were able to download Zroot and you saw it and you opened it and clicked on permanent and then it shut down and restarted?
  14. wpayton

    wpayton Member

    I am stuck on step 8. I can not find zroot after the phone restarted. Where do I look for it.
  15. wpayton

    wpayton Member

    Yes that is correct!
  16. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Open File Manager and click on the SD icon and look for it there.

    it will be top right.
  17. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member sure to click allow each time it asks you so that you give it permissions.
  18. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member is probably rooted then. You just need to find it and open it up. If it is rooted it will give you the option to re-root. You don't need to do that. Just close it up once you have made sure you are rooted. And then proceed to the next steps to remove bloatware etc.
  19. wpayton

    wpayton Member

    Thank you! I found it. So yeah I'm done!
  20. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Great! Good work!

    Now....follow the rest of the steps and whatever you do PLEASE do not delete anything you shouldn't.

    Tell me what carrier you have and I will give you a list of things you can safely uninstall and things you shouldn't.

    Metro or Cricket?
  21. wpayton

    wpayton Member

    Cricket. And I have already done all the steps. This is a bunch of have to pay for the cpu download & then want download. I wouldn't advice anybody to do this!
  22. Robbdoe1

    Robbdoe1 Well-Known Member

    DL Overclock Widget from the App store. It is free and got me to the full 600Mhz the processor is capable of. I went from 528Mhz to 600Mhz and it is faster. Plus it is a tiny program. Remember to allow permissions.

  23. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you were able to complete all the steps. What message do you get when you try to download SetCPU?
  24. 503droid

    503droid New Member

    Well after poking around here yesterday I took the plunge and rooted my phone. I know NOTHING about these things but was able to do it all in about 5 minutes. It was so painless....I read the instructions above twice and went for it. :eek:

    I have added Titanium and removed my bloatware per the above instructions and overclocked via CPUTuner. Everything is going well so far (knock on wood) My next adventure is rooting ( :D ) through the apps and adding some to mess around with. I am still on the hunt for the best audio player. I tried PowerAmp but didn't like the controls.....something about those knobs wasn't right for me. I am an audiophile and quite particular about my audio so figuring out these crappy volume levels from this thing are very high on my "to do" list.
  25. adriana27

    adriana27 Member

    Wow this sounds great! I a going to try the LauncherPro Plus, first and I will probably root my phone after that... I don't know why I am scared..
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