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Tips "Stepping" on my ringtones.

  1. MikeintheIE

    MikeintheIE New Member

    Does anyone know how to disable the "Verizon Wireless" voice the phone does while playing ringtones (even on my purchased tones)? There was a way on Verizon's regular phones, but I can't find it on my Marauder. :confused: It's a cheap ploy by Verizon and it drives me crazy.

  2. s_pec_s

    s_pec_s Member

    I got lucky personaly with all the settings i had tweaked and changed on day one this problem never occured on my phone however...

    try this... go to setting & tools, then sound settings, then call sounds. then callerID announcement and choose "ring only"

    Thanks to Taerade99 over at cellphoneforums.net for this
  3. MikeintheIE

    MikeintheIE New Member

    Thanks. My regular phone had the "Caller ID announcement" option, but my Marauder doesn't (or I can't find it). I'm going to an Android class at a local Verizon store on 10/29 so I might ask then.

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