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  1. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    IOGEAR - GBMH211W6 - Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones w/ built-in mic
    these i have been searching everywhere for. i just got done talking with a support rep and he said they were discontinued, and has no idea why. they seemed to me to be perfect. and i was going to buy them. i would much rather have earbuds because they stay in place the best but wires get snagged in the gym.
    has anyone had any luck with these iogear set or can i be recommended to a set similar or that fits my required standards?

  2. Caloy

    Caloy Well-Known Member

    I have the Sennheiser MM 200. Sound quality is top notched by bluetooth standards. I would wish a little more bass though. But in terms of comfort, I think this is one of the best of all Stereo bluetooth headsets, especially if you wear glasses like me.

    For activities, I would recommend the Motorola MOTOROKR S9, though I don't have this, I heard better reviews from this then the Motorola HT820 which I do have. Sound quality of the HT820 is okay, but comfort wise it's uncomfortable bordering to slightly painful for my case because of my glasses.
  3. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    i own an s9 and in my experience, it is garbage for body building. when working out you move around alot and the s-9 is bouncy and falls out of possition, not to mention it has a giant bar in the back and also in working out one must constantly press up against machine padding and it pops of imediately. worst bluetooth experience i have ever had. something that is onlt present on your ears is required like the one i linked above the small length of wire only connects the two peripherals and does not have any structure to leverage them off.
  4. lembowski

    lembowski Well-Known Member

  5. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

  6. rican408

    rican408 Well-Known Member

    Motorola s305 I believe is what I have. Bought them for music but ended up being the best Bluetooth I've ever heard for talking. Most clear from my end and the other persons. Also pretty cheap. I got them from Verizon for 23 buks with overnight shipping included.
  7. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    but then that still seems to be connected by what looks to be a rigid structure at the back!
  8. thekarens

    thekarens Well-Known Member

    If you're on a budget I got the Jabra BT3030 for about $24 on Ebay. It's what I use for working out.
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  9. lopezbnj

    lopezbnj Well-Known Member

    How about nokia BH-503?
  10. gear.h34d.2012

    gear.h34d.2012 Well-Known Member

    The Plantronics and Jaybird sets look amazing. I'm also looking for a really nice set for working out/everyday music.
  11. wubbie075

    wubbie075 Well-Known Member

    Yes. Love it!

    Sound quality is good, and has a bass booster.

    It's so comfortable that a few times I've left it on my head for a couple of hours after I arrive somewhere cause I just forget it's even there.
  12. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    excellant. do you work out? does it stay in place?
  13. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    again, this has some kind of rigid conective structure in the back. no good if you have to press your head against something like most workouts.
  14. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    this looks like it might actualy be an option! =]
  15. wubbie075

    wubbie075 Well-Known Member

    I don't work out so I cannot comment on that, but the loop goes around the ear and it does hold pretty securely.

    One thing though. When you first get it, the cord connecting the two earpieces will seem a bit stiff, but it softens up after a little use.
  16. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    i am about to have the iogear one for what looks to be dead cheap and so i will comment on how it performs! although i doubt they will become my permanent decision because i like earbuds over the "Over the ear" kind
  17. some.devil

    some.devil Well-Known Member

  18. joebass

    joebass Member

    I ordered these - should arrive later this week.

    I was looking for something I could use while working out, but also something with a microphone so I can switch over to phone.

    The sound is supposed to be amazing with these, but what I'm most excited about is the ability to use any headphones with it. I plan on plugging it into my stereo and just stream music from my phone.

    Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Stereo Headset W/ FM Radio at

    Hard to go wrong for $50.
  19. lopezbnj

    lopezbnj Well-Known Member

  20. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

  21. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    and so i bought a backbeat 903 yestaerday and it will be here in a couple days. i will report on it then! =]
  22. knudsen19

    knudsen19 Member

  23. carlspeed

    carlspeed Active Member

    Guys, I'm not sure how many of you are fortunate enough to be able to wear ear buds when working out, but I can't.

    I have to wear behind the ear style headphones when I run. In fact, I've tried a few, and my favorite are these cheapos I got from Amazon. For under $30, it's a freaking steal. 45 min - 50 min of use a day and they last a week and a half. Charges fast, pairs easily, sound quality is good when talking on the phone (yes it has a built in mic), volume can be made way louder than you would want, and for the deal, you simply cannot go wrong. I've been using them for over 7 months now and I've only charged them it seems maybe less than 10 times, and like I said, I use them every day. I couldn't bring myself to spend $100 or anything even close to that when there are these available for the price. I can even talk on the phone while I run, and as soon as the call is ended it switches back to Pandora.

    My set up is sweet. HTC Evo, armband holster, and a set of bluetooth headphones. It's every runners dream.
  24. geams13

    geams13 New Member

    Can you provide a link? They sound great (no pun intended).
  25. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    just got my backbeat 903's. so far they seem great. feels like they want to stay in place. tomorow at the gym is going to be the real test!

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