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  1. steronida

    steronida New Member

    I like the stereo speakers of the One but how do I make stereo recordings with the internal mics?

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    in the stock form, there are no special settings to utilize this or allow you to make specific adjustments.

    There may be some apps in the store that can allow you to make pseudo stereo recordings or even allow you to alter some settings, so perhaps you can ask this question in the app section,, or search there to see if such discussions exist. if not, open up a thread.

    There could also be 3rd party ROMs that can also allow this, and that question can be asked in the rooting subforum.

    EDIT give these apps a try. I just did a super quick store search. you can also add "Stereo recording" as search words in the store and get more responses perhaps.

    There may be a USB mic input on the market that can work. Again some searching is requested.
  3. steronida

    steronida New Member

    Thanks a lot for your exhaustive answer! I'll check that and let you in case somebody else is interested.
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  4. audioralf

    audioralf New Member

    Yes it is possible with this workaround:
    Start recording with an app, which supports 2 channel audio recording.
    Then switch to the phone application and dial a number. After you pressed the green phone button, just press it again to cancel the call.
    This procedure enables the camcorder mic for the phone noise canceling function. And HTC forgot to close it after a call, because another application still uses the audio engine :p
    So return to your recording app via the double-click for the task manager and you will have 2 independent channel audio recording with left and right signal.
    I found out this in August 2013 and reported this trick to 2 developers of audio recording apps, but they were not able to find out which command HTC uses to enable the camcorder mic. HTC did not answer a request to publish the method.
    It is necessary to repeat this every time. If you pause the recording the camcorder channel will be closed and the device changes back to the mono recording via the main mic.
    So I hope some developers of custom firmware could find a solution to enable the camcorder command via software command like enabling Bluetooth mic.
  5. RonHC

    RonHC New Member

    Hey Ralf, did you get any further with this? I am having the same problem -- and the same workaround works (THANKS!) on my Motorola Atrix 4G running either CM10.1 or CM11 custom ROMs. Oddly stereo recording worked properly (and still does) on earlier ROMs -- CM10, and the original Motorola GB 2.3. The one bit of curiosity I can add is that not only pausing the recording, but just returning to the home screen causes the second mike to be dropped. Fortunately, blanking and rewaking the display does not.

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