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    Aug 26, 2011
    Stick service is a tool you can save copy text and always be shown at every application. If you click the square of text, then you press paste you got the text you want.
    After installation, press start button to open the service. If you want it to be minimized after choosing the text square, you can have the box checked. If you start the service, you will see a rectangle with ">" in the left middle of the screen. If you copy a number of text, it will be shown in the square and you can choose it to your copy data.
    When using,you can drag it by long press on the blue area.
    1.Copy text not in a row, and click the square to get the paragraph we want.
    2.It is more convenient for us to write sms or e-mail, if we want to share some information with others.
    3. It helps a lot if we want to sort out data we research through the Internet.

    You can know it better by watching the introduction in youtube:
    Stick service:android app(Make copy more convenient) - YouTube


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