Stick with my SII or get a Nexus 4?

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  1. mcarlos95

    mcarlos95 Member

    I've had an SII for over a year now. I've been happy with it, especially how I used to switch phones every few months. With "quad-core" being thrown around a lot, I kinda want a phone with it.

    Is the Nexus 4 a big jump from the T-Mobile SII? I'm looking for a cheap upgrade, trying to buy w/o a contract. I really like the note 2, but it's pretty expensive w/o a contract.

    Will the Nexus 4's 2GB of ram and quad core keep it zippy for years to come? Is it really worth the upgrade? I'd be putting in around ~$130 more after I sell my SII.


  2. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    How long are you willing to wait?

    Once the S4 comes out there will be a price drop in the S3.

    Also, google IO in May will LIKELY have a new phone announced and shipping shortly thereafter.
  3. mcarlos95

    mcarlos95 Member

    Well, I'm not in any rush. Won't the S4 also drop my SII's selling price?

    Doesn't the S3 have the same processor as the SII? Not really worth it?
  4. NeXuS4

    NeXuS4 Well-Known Member

    The nexus ⁴ is a better phone then the Galaxy s3 in my opinion with better specs and a better design. Combine that with the fact the aforementioned nexus ⁴ will probably be the first phone with key lime pie and it's a no brainer.

    The only thing the s3 has on it is a better camera in my opinion.
  5. S2 is a still a excellent phone. Get Neatrom JB rom, with Siyah kernel, your phone will be smooth as.
  6. mcarlos95

    mcarlos95 Member

    The Google Nexus 4 costs $349(16GB) without a contract. This is an incredible price. Do you guys think Google will release a NEW nexus at this price point in the months to come(Before November?)?

    I could live with my SII for a while longer if Google does plan to release another cheap, contract free Nexus.
  7. uknow

    uknow Well-Known Member

    Yeah I would go with the s3 ive had playing time with both and I got the s3 in the end you can do more things in the end but if I was worried about money I would just root the s2 and jb it it can and will do the same thing as both the other phones so really it comes down to what u want

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