Still Confident Bravo is coming to Verizon

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  1. All I want is confirmation that Passion/Bravo is OR isn't coming to VZW, then I can either buy a Droid or wait a little longer for Passion/Bravo!

  2. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Well-Known Member

    I think we're all waiting for CES which starts Jan 7th. If not by the start of the conference sometime during there should be announcements is the Nexus One is a consumer phone or developer phone. I'm sure Verizon would like to come out with more then just the Palm Pixi.
  3. patrick64

    patrick64 Active Member

    okay newb here....I too am looking forward to this new phone but which HTC phone has the 4.3" screen with snapdragon? It's the one that I want and wish would be out for VZW soon. Can't stand my storm any longer...:D
  4. Sorry, 4.3" screened phones thankfully are not going to be on Verizon anytime soon. Nobody wants to carry around a mini tablet.
  5. dawgwood

    dawgwood New Member

    Has there been any confirmation that something droid-like (i.e. Passion, Bravo, whatever) is coming to Verizon?

    I would have already bought the droid, but I don't want a physical keyboard and I am not waiting for something similar, but without that crappy keyboard.
  6. 2kfire

    2kfire Member

    Yeah, a phone around that size will NEVER become popular.
    I mean, the iPhone is about the same size (3/16" smaller) and look how it tanked! :rolleyes:
  7. AllSpades

    AllSpades Member

    I do! :D

    Seriously...i really like the Droid Eris, but it feels a little too small in my hands...they get cramped after prolonged use. 4.3" would be about perfect for me (that's what she said).
  8. clokwork

    clokwork Well-Known Member

    I hope something gives soon (information wise). I only have 8 apps on my Storm 1 and it begins to crawl. At startup, I only have roughly 5MB of memory left. I really want something better. I can't believe it's taking this long to hear yay or nay.
  9. patrick64

    patrick64 Active Member

    I too played with the Eris and it is way to small for my hands...I need a bigger screen!:D
  10. bsutton1

    bsutton1 Well-Known Member

    I've around with both the droid and eris. The size of the Eris doesn't bother me that much. Though I would like a bigger HTC droid :)
  11. Marsh511

    Marsh511 Member

    Right with you! I'm still holding onto $150 of rebate credit which looks to expire 01/ I sure hope the next good Android device gets released before 1/31/10! I'm pretty sure the "1/10" expiration on the credit card rebates means they're good til the END of January...I hope :)
  12. eigentum

    eigentum New Member

  13. trk

    trk Active Member

  14. Nashdroid

    Nashdroid Well-Known Member

  15. droidoholic

    droidoholic Well-Known Member

    Engadget just dropped the news earlier that Verizon is confirmed to get the HTC Incredible. Link: HTC Incredible is coming to Verizon, better live up to its name -- Engadget Mobile

    Now, what's exciting is this....Remember the HTC roadmap that was leaked? Well there was an interesting typo that says this:

    Notice it says, the "Incredible" and not the "Bravo".

    Here is the link so you can see for yourself:

    So maybe the Incredible is Verizon's version of the Bravo. Maybe with similar specs? Link:

    I'm right with you guys, waiting for verizon to get that killer phone I've been waiting for. For me it's HTC Sense UI, 1Ghz Snapdragon, 3.7 AMOLED, Android 2.x, and 720p HD video. I like the FM radio also. :D

    Maybe the Incredible fits the bill.....Next question is when do we get it? :confused:
  16. alewifebp

    alewifebp Well-Known Member

    I'd love for the Bravo to be the Incredible. This is what we have been waiting for. Whether it is called the Bravo, Incredible, Lame Duck, I don't care, as long as the specs and looks deliver, which they certainly would in this case.
  17. Markdental

    Markdental Well-Known Member

    Nice catch... I like it!!!
  18. clokwork

    clokwork Well-Known Member

    My name is clokwork and I approve this message
  19. droidoholic

    droidoholic Well-Known Member

    Okay, rewriting this after my computer crashed on me!?

    Well, I was going over the HTC roadmap images again and found another reference to the Incredible in the Bravo brochure.

    We already know about this one,

    Link: HTC 1H 2010 portfolio - Performance - Engadget Galleries

    Which says this:

    Enhanced Video: The Incredible delivers and unrivaled media centric experience that does not stop with hardware. With Dolby and DivX, you really can enjoy and enhanced media experience on the move.

    Now check this out! I found this on another page of the brochure.

    Link: HTC 1H 2010 portfolio - Performance - Engadget Galleries

    Third point down says this:

    USER EXPERIENCE: Websites, maps, videos and images come to life when viewed on the Incredible. Millions of colors and fluid full-motion video will keep your eyes glued to the expansive 3.7 inch display. The AMOLED screen is perfect for viewing from any angle at any time of the day. Beyond watching media on the Bravo, you can also capture video without compromising on the quality with the built-in high definition camcorder.

    Okay, now I could see maybe one typo with the name Incredible in there, but twice? So, at least in my mind, this pretty much seals the deal. Incredible = Bravo! I guess we will see when get some official word.

    What do you guys think?
  20. titoafric

    titoafric Member

    Sir, you have 100% convinced me of the Bravo being the Incredible. On a related note, your greatness has inspired me to register haha.
  21. Veez

    Veez Well-Known Member

    jeez..i wish i knew when the Incredible Bravo is coming out...i just bought a Droid...but I got 30 days..and i realllllyyyy hope that the Bravo comes out by the 20th of January!!! please!!
  22. kdkinc

    kdkinc Well-Known Member

    One of the brochure page states April 2010.
    I think that is probable more towards the truth .
    I had read on one of these tech site that Motorola had bought a block of advertising for the supper bowl.
    IF that correct I would imagine that the Droid would still there main push to sell.
    Motorolla needs help and I don't think that VZW would want to cut there legs off so quickly.
    Vzw i'm sure is happy with the Droid sales so why split the market when the anticipation for a new phone can sit on the back burner and simmer.

  23. rdalcanto

    rdalcanto Well-Known Member

    But I doubt HTC wants to let their new product sit on a back burner and simmer, especially with the new review of the Nexus saying it is noticeably faster than the Droid, and the screen is superior to the Droid.
  24. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Well-Known Member

    I think you are confusing some things.
    The catalog said the Bravo (aka the european name) was coming out in april which would mean in Europe. US is supposed to be in January.
    Motorola buying a block of advertising wouldn't have to have any effect on Verizon's advertising. In fact Motorola buying advertising in Early January could be indicative of Verizon moving on to advertise something else. I'm not sure I've seen any motorola advertising for the Droid so far. All of it has been Verizon. Going by the timeline that was released Verizon's Droid launch push ends on the 26th of this month. Hence Verizon moving on early next year would make sense.
    I dont know why people think Verizon cares which phone gets sold. If the Incredible/Passion sells at the same price point and requires the same plan fees as the Droid, Verizon wont give 2 hoots whether a store sells a Droid or a Passion. $200 is $200 to Verizon. Besides an Android 2.x phone without a physical keyboard just means they can possibly expand their base a bit more (and a few less parts to break for their tech support people to fix).
  25. brodymon

    brodymon Well-Known Member

    All, if Moto is buying Super Bowl advertising that will not hit the airways until Mid February. Most likely the new HTC Passion/Bravo/Incredible....whatever it is called will be on the market by then. I agree that Verizon could care less what phone it sells, they just want contracts. Also last time I checked a company as big as Verizon would not be afraid to offend a vendor...
    If Moto is buying advertising that may point to a Moto Droid Version 2 coming out?? Who knows.
    Bottom line Moto (in my mind) cannot compete with the HTC sense UI. I will be waiting for the HTC and I am anticipating a Jan 5th release date. No proof....just a hunch!
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