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    Oct 29, 2010
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    ok guys - i have replaced 3 proximity sensors on my htc desire s regarding the screen going blank when trying to end a call, i cannot end the call with either the power bitton or volume buttons..i have to remove the battery and boot the phone up again...really peeing me off...i have emailed htc..and they deny any knowledge of such a problem and have told me to do the soft and hard reset, which i have done but still the same problem...why dont they do something about this ? phone is out of warranty..surely replacing 3 sensors would have fixed the problem, thats if it is a hardware problem....i believe its a software problem which they dont want to fix..really thinking of smashing this phone against the wall ..:mad:

    this is there reply...standard crap as usual..

    "Thank you for contacting HTC regarding your HTC Desire S.

    My name is James and I am a Technical Support Agent for the HTC Written Team.



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