Still having issues with CDC Serial DriverSupport

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  1. 3ss3nc3

    3ss3nc3 New Member

    I have spent the last 4 hours trying to connect my S2 to my Windows 7 32bit machine. I have read every single thread on here about the issue, and they all state "install Kies, it will fix the issue".

    I already have Kies installed. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it 5 times, and I still get the error:

    Driver device not successfully installed:
    x CDC Serial
    x SAMSUNG_android

    I have put my phone in debugging mode. I have taken it off, I have restarted my computer and my phone numerous times, I have no SD card.

    Kies will not pick up my device and my drivers just keep failing. For like a month I was having MTP issues, finally have that resolved, now I am having MORE driver errors.

    I have the latest version of Kies. Im trying to upgrade my firmware, I dont care about file backup, I already know about Kies air and odin and all that other shiz.

    How do I resolve this? About to cry :(

  2. 3ss3nc3

    3ss3nc3 New Member

    Update: Just did a full Windows Update, there was a couple of things I hadn't updated recently and it seems to have fixed it.
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  3. SianOG

    SianOG New Member

    I have spent the last five hours doing exactly the same as you. It all started when I was prompted to update Kies for a completely unrelated problem (unsynched Kobo accounts). My both eyes have turned into one big PC sized monitor screen and my S2 was about to go flying out the window. But your solution worked for me so very grateful. Very very grateful.

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